Sunday, December 6, 2009


Just as a public service, by way of blogging, I would like to post the following link as a so-called Religion of Peace Update:


I will give you three guesses as to the student's religious affiliation. No, he is not a Christian, conservative, or Republican. But he did carry out the demands of his "faith."

Welcome to the New Crusades.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's hard to know what to post and what not to post in a blog. Supposedly, the eyes of the world and Satan are watching my every word--waiting for me to get tripped up in self-indulgent bloggery as I verbally dig my own hole and avoid godly correction. Or so I think.

I am in the Book of Lamentations in the Bible. I feel I am living in the same scenario as that painted by the prophet Jeremiah. Flapping in the breeze, hung out to dry in the sun, devoid of life-giving water, I cling to the remnant of my once-vibrant faith in God and struggle daily to maintain some semblance of godly living--whatever that looks like.

Perhaps the LORD will have mercy on me, unmerited though it is. Totally undeserved favor is what I crave most. Repentance is the call of the day. "Ichabod!" No glory.

Knowing Jesus will not leave me nor forsake me, I press on. Limp, halt, crippled by sin, I walk--no, crawl--to the cross. Calvary is my only hope, forgiveness is my prayer. Presumption and pride are my sins. God's grace is my only shelter.

Jesus, Savior, pilot me
over life's tempestuous sea;
unknown waves before me roll,
hiding rock and treacherous shoal.
Chart and compass come from thee;
Jesus, Savior, pilot me.
Hope truly comes from Jesus. Listen.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This has nothing to do with worldview, politics, religion, or anything else--but browsers! Namely, Internet Explorer and its wonderful ability to import favorites from Firefox and put them in their respective folders automatically.

I generally refrain from using IE simply because it's a pain to use, and slow. But for online classes through my community college, IE is required for optimal performance. Or so they say.

In any event, I found IE to be deficient in its selection of favorites which I've created. So I simply clicked on the File menu, chose Import and Export, and clicked which browser's favorites I wanted to import to IE. Done.

Within mere seconds, IE imported all (I suppose) of my favorites from Firefox. Having all of my stored favorites is a great comfort. It takes a very long time to save sites for future reference, as you well know.

Well, I won't bore my readers with further kudos to IE-- at not least until I find another feature which saves the day (and my sanity).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I read an article today by the American Vision organization and thought I would post it here. It is a description of the situation going on in Italy where a European court has struck down the right to display crucifixes publicly. It is a direct attack on the religious liberties which the Italian people must protect. The article reads in part:

"The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared the public display of crucifixes in schools in Italy illegal. This was in response to a complaint filed by a Finnish-born mother who sued the schools for displaying the crucifixes. Crucifixes in the classrooms of public schools in Italy are mandatory by law, and that law is approved by the majority of the population, whether they believe in Christ or not. But the Court in Strasbourg decided against the democratic opinion of the Italian people and declared the law illegal."
The article goes on to talk about the deficiency in American Christianity to wage the same battles it won in eras past (American Revolutionary War, abolition of slavery, civil rights, etc.), and how we must be revived by the Spirit of God--the same spirit which raised Jesus from the dead and quickened our spirits to be born again.

"If the Spirit of Him Who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He Who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you." (Romans 8:11)

Revival breeds reformation, and Heaven knows we badly need it in this country. The Christians around the world who are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ know too well the real battle that is out there. We have been spoiled by our prosperity and affluence (indeed blessed), only to compromise the gospel for social and political expediency. May God deliver His people from complacency and raise up a standard in the land for the cause of Christ.

In Jesus' Name.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It is inspiring to see the military pull together in the face and wake of Islamic terrorism in its ranks. I have no doubt this psychiatrist needs to be exorcised as well as treated for his well-deserved wounds. May God grant him the grace to wake up and realize how good those brothers- and sisters-in-arms were whom he killed in cold blood and in the name of a false god.

May God have mercy on this country for allowing such enemies of the gospel, and of our nation, to attain such positions of authority and trust, only to betray their true identity and intentions.

May God bless the men and women of our military, keepers of the freedom we all need and cherish.

Friday, November 6, 2009


In scouring YouTube for James White videos yesterday, I came across an alarming headline in the Related Videos frame: "Calling All Calvinists: A Call to Repentance." If that's not a provocative statement, I don't know what is.

Over the course of yesterday and today, I have watched all four videos in the series. Wow! How can such a talented and beautiful Christian sister be so hateful and wrong about so many things in one--let alone four--videos? She snarls, hisses, and spits her vitriol continually throughout the series at the name and adherents of "Calvinism." I put that in quotes because she has so grossly misrepresented it that I cannot equate true Calvinism with her sick caricature of it.

Her persistent, out-of-context misapplication of Scripture is indeed breath-taking. I took the time to watch and see if she could convince me of how sinful and deceived I was, but she failed. Miserably.

The one question I have is this: why is she condemning and judging John Calvin and those who dare to agree with him on many things about God, while calling "Calvinists" to stop judging and condemning? Gosh, sounds kinda hypocritical to me.

Thank God there are many sound, Biblical responses to Monica Dennington's viscious attacks on us Christians--oops, I meant Calvinists. Many of them reside in Google's search results.

Here is one of the best. This is what real Calvinism looks like!


It seems that a common misconception of Calvinism is the belief that, for example, Abraham would never have left Ur of the Chaldees had he been a Calvinist. After all, they claim, Calvinists don't do: they just pray.

I take great offense when someone slanders me, be it ever so slightly--especially when they use Calvinism as their justification. Do I do that to them? I notice "free will" believers go out of their way to attack Calvinism. Do I do that with "free will" people? No. I defend, to the best of my ability, what I believe to be sound doctrine from the Bible, based on what I've learned over the years from reputable Bible teachers who are known for their warm, evangelistic tone and knowledge of Scripture.

Do the names RC Sproul, John MacArthur, Sinclair Ferguson, John Piper, James White, and Charles Spurgeon ring a bell with anyone? None is infallible as a pastor, teacher, and preacher. But all are excellent in rightly dividing the Word of God.

Nine times out of ten, I agree with free willers! But they must have their fun and slander Calvin. They're wrong, but that doesn't matter to them. I'm a sinner like them. I know I must endure the growth process of sanctification as they must. It is indeed a blessing to be called a child of God.

When we decided to follow Christ, it was by the grace of God alone. Our wills were remade, reborn by the Spirit of God and His Word (Scripture and Jesus). Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)

I only defend Calvinism because it gives God all the credit and glory for our salvation, and because I think it is very arrogant to believe that I know better than him or any other Bible scholar what the Bible teaches. He and many others have proven themselves to have a better, bird's eye view of things in Scripture. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I wish free willers could see that I agree with them 99% of the time, except when they slander Calvin (and me) with misconceptions of Scripture that neither of us believes!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, it seems the issue of "Limited Atonement" (Particular Redemption) and other points of doctrine in the theological framework of Calvinism have come under scrutiny. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I am weary of the opposition's neglecting the historical significance of probably the greatest proponent of Calvinism: namely, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Spurgeon was a staunch defender of the Faith and a very outspoken defender of Calvinism (properly understood). He was also one of the greatest evangelists who ever lived, by any measure. His works live on in print and audio form. So many superlatives can be applied to his life and ministry that it almost goes without saying. He had his share of controversy against those who would compromise the gospel and change the message to suit unbelievers-- and thus damn their souls with false teachings.

How is it that the greatest Calvinist of them all (except for John Calvin the original, and probably the greatest theologian who ever lived), Charles Spurgeon, is overlooked as the best example of applied Calvinism? Somehow, I think if he were to apply for a job as a pastor in today's churches, he would be rejected out of hand because he professed to be a Calvinist.

Well, much debate will doubtless ensue on this matter. I intend to avoid sinning by engaging in vain controversy. I'd rather trust an all-powerful God Who can save His people in spite of their spiritual deadness and raise them to new life all by Himself without their "free will" helping Him.

Thanks for attacking Calvinism. It strengthens my faith in God, not myself. I feel much safer that way.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It has been my wont of late to get up early and blog about the chapter in the Bible I am currently in. Today is the Book of Jeremiah, chapter 21. First, I read it in my Bible. Next, I listen to it online at Then, I go to and pick a sermon from among many on the chapter. While the sermon is playing, I blog.

I forgot to mention I also use e-Sword (see previous post and link on side) to view commentary and dictionary usage of words and passages. One thing I noted was the spelling of King Nebuchadrezzar's name. In Hebrew, it is Neb-u-chad-rez-zar. But the common English spelling is Neb-u-chad-nez-zar, with an "n" instead of an "r." I'm going with the R this time. Sorry, traditionalists.

In any event, scouring the Internet for Biblical resources yields an abundant crop of every variety. Sad to say, many are not teaching sound doctrine, but are fattening the wallets of their professors.

Blogging can be a distraction from the business at hand. So I shall cease and desist (for now) and take up my lament (or song) later.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


While listening to a sermon on Jeremiah 20 by Timothy Dane (, I am feeling the desire to blog. There are many sermons on this chapter.

I just got through reading it on my own and also in e-Sword, a free program. Many free resources are available for this desktop gem, such as Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible.

It is a shame that Passhur, a priest in the temple at Jerusalem and chief officer in the house of the LORD (v.1), treated Jeremiah, a prophet of the LORD, so, well, shamefully.

It is a reproach on the priesthood when one of their own is mistreated by their peers. Such was the lot of Jeremiah. God will judge the persecutors of His people. Hallelujah!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's always a challenge, if not a waste of time, to blog about something personal--like unemployment. Even though it is good to be out of the rat race for a while, it can be discouraging to think I lack what I used to have... a job! But not just a job: a position, a sense of accomplishment and value. Ahh, whatever.

I'm enjoying the time off, but regretting it at the same time. My health has not been what it used to be either. I seem to have mostly sleepless and rough nights with bronchitis or high BP. It may be diet related. So when I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, I'll do something about it. Otherwise, I'll just go on suffering and jobless.

Sorry to hang my heart on my sleeve today. I usually reserve my sentiments here for political and religious fervor. But today, I'm being a little honest. Heh, heh.

Looking forward to learning and practicing web design as a profession. Otherwise, who knows? I can always pretend to be a blogger. Writing here is almost as much fun as figuring out how to code HTML and CSS. Other programming languages beckon the unsuspecting IT-wannabe (that would be me) to their study and practice. But the foundations must be laid before the house can be built.

Monday, October 12, 2009


In spite of all the rhetoric, political wrangling, and conflict of every sort, it is our only hope to look to Jesus. He is the One sent by God the Father to us on earth. It is to our own misery that we do not reckon ourselves with that truth. He is our only hope.

Look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. (Hebrew 12:2)

Friday, October 9, 2009


I am a fan of Peter Schiff's, simply because he stands in the face of popular opinion and blows away any semblance of contradiction and controversy when he speaks truth. His is a refreshing perspective because it is hard medicine, realism instead of hype. The doctor has diagnosed the problem and it is up the the patient (us) to respond.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Peter Schiff
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorRon Paul Interview

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


If anyone wants to view a case study in mentally incompetent world leaders who have no business standing in front of the United Nations General Assembly, witness Moammar Qaddafi:

I actually prefer "President" Obama over this nut because at least Obama is coherent. Even the translator had trouble following his "reasoning." You can hear the frustration in the poor fellow's voice.

I hope this video posts properly here. The preview of it had some layout issues. Oh, well.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, intrepid fans of controversy, I want to post my agreement with "President" Obama (I'm still not convinced he is eligible). Let us "birthers" (those of us who are skeptical of his birth place and secrecy about his past) go down in history as either dead-wrong and irrelevant, or right-on-target and still irrelevant!

But what Barack Obama called Kanye West the other day was accurate. I won't repeat it here, but the King James Version of the Holy Bible calls the animal an "ass," and it has a first name.

I finally (serendipitously) came across the video clip of Kanye making an *** of himself. Although I did not see him acting particularly awful, the gist of his actions were rude and distasteful. But when you're rich, famous, and not afraid to do stupid things like that...

I mean, who does he (West) think he is?

Here is the embedded bit of chutzpah:

I was passionate (vehemently opposed) about this enough to blog, almost as mad as I was at Perez Hilton for being a j***a** toward Carrie Prejean in the Miss America pageant. Remember that?

What an ***!

Sorry, I'm not feeling/being very evangelical at times like this. Seeing high-profile, virtuous people under attack does that to me. At least Kanye apologized in his blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sometimes ya just gotta visit some good, politically charged (with conservative ions) websites like and see what sticks. I just feel like posting a link to "in-the-zone" Ann Coulter's column on healthcare Obama-style. You can read it here:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello again, friends. Another reminder that "wickedness in high places" is still a problem, and thank God we have a congress that is willing to take another look at a festering sore in our government: ACORN.

Now I don't purport to be an authority on ACORN (or on what "purport" means), but I know a red flag when I see one... and I see one. Lots of them. Good news: congress wants to investigate ACORN. I received an email about it from a friend. You may view the web page here.

When you see government doing the right thing, it's a good sign that God has not completely abandoned us. Take heart!


Well, friends, I promised--er, told-- a friend that I would post a link to this story regarding the recent march on Washington DC by a very large contingent of good, patriotic, conservative, law-abiding (yes, they should go together) citizens of the USA. So here it is:

Hightailing It Out of Town

It is a column by Robert Ringer, whom I admit I very seldom come across in my daily scouring of a few websites for a general gist of news. But I figure I agree with the friend who sent me this, as well as the column itself.

So hear, hear, the few and proud, civilly obedient masses who wish to voice and demonstrate their opposition to a perceived if not very real threat to our country's ideal as we wish to preserve it. A refreshing reminder that all is not lost...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today's post is an attempt to rescue this blog from oblivion and obscurity. Well, maybe that's asking too much. But I felt the title of my last post was ridiculously empty-- and therefore, I had to post something... anything! Just don't leave that inane title on top!

Now that I have succeeded in getting your attention for no particular reason, I apologize for leaving you hanging without any sort of information to enlighten you (the masses). I've always said blogging is for self-centered megalomaniacs without a following. Not really. Many self-respecting individuals share a common need to communicate with the outside world in a convenient and self-contained way.

Seeing a pattern of "self-" words in the previous paragraph prompts me to initiate a salutation (I looked it up). Therefore, I am...


Monday, August 24, 2009


Gadzooks! Has it been twelve days since I last visited this wonderful instrument for expressing religious and political views without fear of government repercussions?

Indeed. A blog neglected for that much time is surely needing some periodic attention. I occasionally read my latest posts and mull possible ideas. But it takes a full-blown inspiration from somewhere to attack the blog with both fingers (and thumbs).

Having started a third paragraph without so much as a link to is a sad situation. Writer's block has permutated to Blogger's blank.

With that said, perhaps it is good to be involved with online classes to keep my mind active and working, so that I can come up with stellar blog posts like this one. I wonder at times if this endeavor is living up to all of the hype about blogging.

The ultimate Blogger's Blank is to blog about blogging. A columnless column. Maybe this is just a warm up to a bigger and better post. One thinks and hopes so.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am posting a link to the exhaustive list of World Net Daily coverage of the Barak Obama eligibility issue.

The way I see it, if you have "nothing to hide," and "transparency" is your policy, then you should release your long-form birth certificate. But since our crooked Liar-in-Chief is so hell-bent on taking over the world, why should he bother us truth-seekers with such irrelevant trivia?

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today's post is a fulfillment of a class assignment for an online course I'm taking on Web development. Yes, the Web needs developing, doesn't it...

In any event, I hope to score all possible points with this "home run" of a blog post, which I hope it will be when I'm done with it. At this point, I must clue my teachers in. I have been blogging for a while, so I hope this already-existing blog will meet the requirement. 

Now the challenge of blogging is coming up with a topic that interests me (out of the myriad that interest me), and  discussing it (with myself) in a reasonably intelligent manner. This is more of a challenge than you might think. So many ideas run through my mind. Yet only a very select few pass muster and get hurled into cyberspace.

Word-smithing, another way of saying, "beating the tar out of your thoughts," is quite a craft and an art. Blogging is an ideal way to get it out there. To see your work in print is the most gratifying accomplishment, right after landing on the moon, of course!

Well, instead of taking any more bits of bandwidth, I'd like to bid you farewell. 

So I will.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Today's kudos (acclaim or praise) goes to my brother and his blog, The Machiavellian Messiah, which follows the destructive and counterproductive policies and activities of "President" Barack Obama's administration.

For those of us who have to look up "machiavellian" in the dictionary, it means, "of or relating to the political doctrine of [Niccolo] Machiavelli... an Italian political theorist" who lived from 1469-1527. He held that "craft and deceipt are justified in pursuing and maintaining political power."(The American Heritage Dictionary)

That said, here is a link (or two) for the World Net Daily stories about such things, and their eventual discovery:


Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth?
Attorney files motion for authentication of alleged 1960s certificate from Africa

Obama: Where have all his records gone?
Footprints of president's own history either vanish or remain covered up

I hope it is not copyright infringement if I post these links exactly as formatted on the original source documents. I'll keep you posted.

I have to wonder if all of this is true! My, how far we've strayed as a country from the foundations of freedom and civility based on the Bible! Let's get back.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stop! In the Name of Bank Policy!

A little story about a bank teller who was fired for apprehending a bank robber caught my eye on today. I pondered the bank's policy prohibiting action against the perpetrator unless personal safety was at risk.

Well, duh. His personal safety was at risk!

I know, the police-- rightly so-- want witnesses to report the crime, not to be heroes who may not live to tell their side of the story.

This was another case from the Too Bad Department of crime fighting. I'm sure another bank will snatch him up faster than a running bank robber.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, I finally found someone in "high places" who agrees with me and a whole lot of other people that Professor Gates was sooooooooooooooo wrong in his disrespectful tirade against a police officer who earned every right to shut that rabble-rouser up any legal way possible. I'm sure Gates' neighbors were happy to see him taken to the station as well. That is, after all, what he wanted: more fodder for his racist documentary on being black in America.

Nothing like stirring the pot, eh, Professor?

Colin Powell weighs in on

Friday, July 24, 2009


Sean Hannity has produced a very provocative special program called, "Universal Nightmare," which aired last night. I was riveted by it. For a recap, has a series of video excerpts from it here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


...and she puts it in clear terms for dummies like me. When it comes to health care "reform," I need a good, solid, right-wing, conservative, fire-breathing woman like Coulter to use her sharp wit and biting sarcasm to clarify the issue.

Find her hilarious article, "Take Two Aspirin and Call Me When Your Cancer is At Stage Four," here at

Friday, July 17, 2009


Y'know, instead of calling this blog, "Worldview Window," I should call it, "The Kudos Heaper!" I like to read other people's blogs (OPB) occasionally and recommend them in this blog.

Well, today brings me (and you) to Arizona Storage Inns. It is the official organ of the self-storage facility of the same name, managed by my brother. I must admit, he takes his business very seriously. But he also takes a light-hearted, humorous approach to life (and self-storage). Just read his blog and you'll see what I mean!

Friday, July 10, 2009



Wow! You don't look a day over 499! But, alas, your 500th birthday will pass like an obscure holiday to a select (elect) few.

Well, I for one required a bit of encouragement and peer pressure (in Christ) to celebrate if not remember John Calvin and his theological legacy, which has fallen upon disrepute ever since he lived here on earth.

Don't get me wrong: I know he was only a man. But in terms of historical and theological importance, Calvin is second only to the Apostle Paul, perhaps.

I am listening to a lecture by Albert Mohler on called, "John Calvin: Preacher and Teacher."

In this recessionary economy and amidst much political and international uproar, we Christians can "retreat" and take refuge in the historic Christian faith, trusting afresh in Christ our strong tower of refuge, our God and King.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I just had to post a link to my brother's blog, The Machiavellian Messiah. It is an excellent comment on the current brouhaha over the issue of citizenship and constitutional eligibility with our "president," Barack H. Obama. I respectfully put his title in quotes because I am now ambivalent as to whether he really is a U.S. citizen.

It's not the fact that he is or is not a citizen: it's the duplicity with which he and his campaign have virtually hidden otherwise-accessible facts about his early life and past history.

Do we not as the American people deserve to know the truth, especially about our own president?

If he is proven to be defrauding us, then may God purge this evil from among us and deliver our nation from the ramifications and effects of this "administration."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just a thought.

I wonder if all that traffic from Iran (and indeed around the world) is causing an unprecedented slowdown of Internet speeds not seen since dial-up days, and hindering at least my end of the Information Superhighway from loading web pages and connecting to them.

It is a bittersweet predicament to be in. On the one hand, I want Iranians (and everyone else!!!) to be morally free if not politically-- and the free exchange of ideas facillitated by the Internet and cellphone technology is vital to that end. On the other hand, we all have a lot of work to do to accomplish this-- and the Internet needs to be freed up as well as its users!

I know I am stating the obvious, but that's what bloggers do. I am sure that more qualified heads are being scratched at this moment to come up with a plan or course of action to rescue this wonderful resource from information overload

Thank God for it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's bad. But thank God there are people Twittering about events and developments from Tehran, Iran and around the world.

Search, Twitter, and be moved.


Well, in the interest of providing hope to a seemingly hopeless situation (the state of our economy and President Obama's socialist decapitation of it), I want to link here.

If you have any interest (and spare time), check out any of a myriad of multimedia resources there which will educate you in short order about the ills and remedies of any economy, but particularly the remedy of Austrian Economics.

Like I said, for a free/low-cost, self-driven economics education, this is a great place to learn the right way to do economics--something "they" did not teach me in school!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I thought I would join the chorus of onlookers and admirers of the world who saw our disputed (or beloved) president kill a fly during a televised interview. CNBC chief Washington correspondent John Harwood was interviewing President Barack Obama when a fly interrupted the proceedings. Obama then swatted it effectively and basked in the glory of his enemy's demise.

It's all over the news and the blogosphere. Even Rush Limbaugh (of course) got in on the act. On his show today, he made hilarious comments and played a sound clip from his original TV show, during which he steps on a fly and shows it to the camera and audience.

The best soundbite from the whole exchange of audio on his show was Rush's comment:

RUSH: Later in the show, I then murder the sucker, but not with my hands like Obama. I used my shoe. And killing a fly with a shoe is a much bigger insult in the fly world than killing an insect or a fly with your hand.

I laugh out loud every time I read that last sentence.

As you may or may not know, the biggest insult you can heap on your Middle East neighbor is to pound your shoe (or throw it at him, as one Iraqi reporter did to former President Bush) in a demonstration of disgust and disdain.

I know, jokes you have to explain aren't that funny. It still strikes my funny bone.

With a shoe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm going out on a limb here and posting an article from the American Thinker, from a link on Rush Limbaugh's website, wherein it is posited that Mahmoud Ahmedinejad DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION in Iran.

In the article, the author makes it abundantly clear that Iran's "elections" are shams designed by the mullahs (religious leadership) to showcase their already-selected choice for office. The popular vote is a farce wherein the nation registers its disapproval of the mullahs' selections. Here is a quote:

"The great majority of the people of Iran are disillusioned and even disgusted by the mediaeval incompetent, oppressive, and corrupt rule of the mullahs, irrespective of which mafia gang is in power. The votes, more than anything else, are protest ballots cast against the entire system, rather than indications of support for the so-called conservative-moderate coalition." [emphasis mine]

Here is the diamond I found:

"However, the turnout was massive, a near record high 85 percent of Iran's 49.2 million eligible voters. Based on the information from Mousavi's website , a group of Interior Ministry employees have leaked out the following results which seem to be closer to reality than the one released by the establishment:

Total eligible: 49.2 Million

Participated in the election: 75% to 85%
Mir Hussein Mousavi: 45%
Mehdi Karoobi: 33%
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 13%
Mohsen Rezai: 9%

Cancelled votes: 3%

The article goes on to say that in spite of the regime's brutal and oppressive ways, the people are rendering them less effective and thus scaring them to death. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob help them to rise up peacefully and win their country back from the Enemy (Satan).

Friday, June 12, 2009


Here is a story with a sad ending-- at least it looks that way for public education:

Kansas Teacher Claims Conservative Views Led To Loss of Job

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying all public education is bad. But I have to feel sorry for those who don't "get it" when it comes to truth.

The last question in the article is asked by a former student of the teacher. She asks, "Why would they let a good teacher go?"

Because they're stupid. Read the story.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In keeping with the Fairness Doctrine, I am posting this link to for the purpose of balancing the argument which continues regarding President Obama's birth certificate. The thing that really convinced me was the clipping of the birth announcement in the Hawaiian newspaper that day.

Is that a fake, too? The debate never ends...


The official interview with Obama's teleprompter, affectionately known as TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), is here:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Just want to post this link to Barak Obama's Teleprompter's Blog:

I give credit to my brother's blog, Machiavellian Messiah, for showing me the link to BOTB. Actually, it is known as TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), and readers of its blog are known as FOTs (Friends of TOTUS).

I encourage you to read both blogs, but especially my brother's.

Monday, June 8, 2009


You know, this story keeps coming up like a bowling pin in the ocean (I assume it will float, but I've never seen it chronicled on David Letterman's "Will It Float?" segment).

There is still sharp controversy surrounding his birth certificate, and indeed his citizenship--and therefore, his right to be president!

I'm curious what all the hubbub is about. So I go to WorldNetDaily and see a few stories still doubting his legitimacy. I order a copy of WhistleBlower magazine using my hard-earned Unemployment Insurance money and await its arrival in the mail.

The April 2009 issue, with the headline, "Your Papers, Please?" is touted by WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah as:

"...the most complete and thorough exposé of the eligibility questions surrounding Barack Obama's presidency. It is an indictment of the process that put him in the White House Jan. 20 of this year.

"Although Article II section 1 of the Constitution clearly requires that all presidents be 'natural born citizens,' the 2008 election proved, Farah points out, 'that no controlling legal authority bothered to establish' that Obama was qualified for the Oval Office. 'Everybody dropped the ball,' said Farah.

"The biggest reason interest in the Obama eligibility issue continues to mount, with ever more legal actions being filed and more Americans demanding answers, says WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, is simple: 'Barack Obama is hiding something.' "

Well, we Americans can engage in this sort of thing because after all, we are a nation of checks and balances.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, intrepid and faithful reader friends, I have changed the setting on this blog to allow ALL my posts to appear on the same page!

Cool, huh?

Now I (and you) can scroll all the way down the page and see every post I've ever posted! Is that not cool or what?

I know. You're thinking, this bozo has had way too much ice cream! Well, you would be right.

I guess I'm amped because Kim Komando is on the radio from 5 to 7PM on Saturday instead of 12 to 2PM, the old schedule. Also, she (they) did away with the excessive use of canned audience applause and reactions to her comments during the program. At least that's the impression I'm getting from this my most recent session listening to her.

I could go on because, after all, this is THE BOTTOMLESS BLOOOOOG...


This morning, while driving to my usual tennis venue for some exercise, I heard on the radio a talkshow host (Mike Broomhead, KFYI 550 AM) read a poignant quote from the Russian newspaper Pravda. In it, he states a (the?) Russian view of America's descent into Marxism. You can read it here.

This was an eye-opener and a wake-up call for me. Apparently, the world watches as our beloved USA descends into what our forefathers fled from: a world system which is detrimental to Christian values, ideals, and prosperity.

Will God indeed bless America if she goes astray from that which saved her in the first place, the gospel of Jesus Christ? No.

I shudder thinking of our collective freefall from our former perch atop the world's pedestal of admiration if we abandon the God who exalted us for righteousness' sake.


My hope and prayer was, and still is, that we as a people do not let that happen (or that God would give us the grace to resist the devil).

Understandably this article, written by a Russian writer for Pravda, has some grammatical and spelling errors. But his message is spot on --and inspiring (that a foreign opinion maker would duly warn us of our own downfall-in-progress in time to recognize what is happening, and to utilize the pen rather than the sword to effect a remedy sufficient to stop its deadly progression)!

Let me just quickly link a couple of blogs which support this article and inspire me to read their blogs for a different if not helpful viewpoint:

Artful Articulations

Matt Rodina

Friday, May 29, 2009


Now before all the alarmists over identity theft cry foul that I implicated (in a good way) my brother, who shall remain nameless, let me heap accolades and praise for a recent post in his most excellent blog, "The Machiavellian Messiah."

In it, he aptly lays blame for the auto industry meltdown at the feet of --who else?-- the Auto Industry and their Deliverer, Uncle Sam. I'm not implying that I have a better solution. I don't. But who can resist all the circus mayhem and commentary that goes with it?

Government Motors (see video below)? The new 2010 Grand Larceny (Unlimited Edition) from "GM?" I'll take the humorous side of life with the conservatives over the dire, command-economy death sentence from the left.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey, government-backed readers of right-wing, homeland-security-threatening blogs like this one: just a little video humor to lighten the load for your viewing pleasure and enlightenment, compliments of FOXNews.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just wanted to post this video of Pastor Miles McPherson of the Rock Church in San Diego, CA brilliantly defending traditional (i.e., Biblical) marriage.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I didn't know if I should post this, but here is a link to learn all about the "Largest Web Developer Site on the Net:"

I have been studying their HTML tutorial and it has been fascinating and fun! Very thorough and informative. How many positive adjectives can I use here? Keep going!

Anyway, for those with time and desire to learn this stuff (I had both today), this is a good--if not the BEST-- place to start.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well, in scouring the Internet (because, in another sense, it needs it), I came across this video by talkshow host Dennis Prager on Now keep in mind that Mr. Prager is Jewish by heritage and religious tradition, so he does not "toe the line" as closely as born-again Christians (the only kind there are). But his belief in God and moral values is admirable.

I posted this video because once in a while a high-profile political (or in this case, educational) figure says some things that are downright right. 

I would substitute "God's providence" for "luck" in one of his comments. But that's forgivable since he has not been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. THAT IS SOMETHING I PRAY HAPPENS TO HIM AND TO ALL WHO READ THIS. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, I finally found something to blog about once again.

This time it's another case of government abuse of power (what, in the USA???).

I only post this story for two reasons: because it involves a home-schooled child (with whom I sympathize because my own siblings home-educated their children); and because I have a sneaking suspicion that they are Bible-believing Christians.

Here is the link to World Net Daily's article:

Anytime a home-schooler, who is obviously innocent of this crime (no evidence was found to substantiate the search warrant), is persecuted "legally," I can't help but think of the logical conclusion of such misapplications of authority in the form of another Nazi/Stalinist/fascist/You-Name-It regime that commits unspeakable acts of horrible atrocities against fellow human beings (witness North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, etc.).

It is short and has a video as well. Read it, watch it, and speak your minds.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This past Monday, while I was driving around looking for work, I was listening to the radio (I think it was KFLR or K-LOVE) and heard the announcer play this clip from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," wherein a famous line was uttered.

The famous "We don't need no stinking badges" disclaimer was first, though differently, stated by the actor Alfonso Bedoya playing the character Gold Hat. In the movie, Humphrey Bogart asks Gold Hat if he and his men are police. Gold Hat replies with the immortalized "I don't have to show you any stinking badges."

I think because the announcer, whose name I do not know, laughed and thought it was so funny, I shared in his delight at the irreverence and defiance in the character himself.

Well, that's all the multimedia mayhem for now. More to come...

Friday, April 17, 2009


I don't necessarily condone doing what this Tempe, AZ pastor did to resist the totalitarian overtures of the Border Patrol at the California-Arizona border. But if their tendency toward sacrificing our liberty for safety is of any concern, then this man definitely has a case for the Court of Public Opinion--and a cause for political change.

Since we are in the Era of Change, let us hope that such instances of unwarranted brutality are few and far between. 

His demonstration of civil disobedience to the Border Patrol may or may not be justified, but it is certainly admirable that he stood his ground to test the authority to its lawful (or unlawful) limits.

Kudos to the man and shame on the BP agents, useful idiots though they may be.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I managed to find the video I posted on Wednesday April 8 on YouTube and replace the one I originally had there because of the annoying audio. Now when you load this page it will no longer play that video automatically.

Thank God for YouTube!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sorry, dear readers, I posted a video on Wed., April 8 that plays automatically every time the page loads!

So until the subsequent posts crowd it off of this page, it will keep playing itself through (once, thankfully).

If you want to scroll down to stop it early, you can.

Great video, lousy feature.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Visitors to this blog may have noticed changes to its appearance, especially since being unemployed lends itself tremendously to such mundane tasks as experimenting with different colors and images around my blog. It's probably just a manifestation of what seems to be a popular malady these days: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Now I'm not hip on any of the weekly TV programs whose main characters may be diagnosing themselves as having OCD for ratings' sake. But I can say that waiting for a phone call from a prospective employer lends itself to OCB (Obsessive Compulsive Blogging) very well!

After changing colors and so on, several (hundred) times, over the last (unquantifiable) amount of time, I can safely say... that's enough!

Now is the time to blog and recover some semblance of rationality and sanity in my life before I am off to the next stint of full-time employment. I shall remember and treasure these last few moments of freedom until I am able to enjoy them once again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am posting this video from because my Bible Study group is studying Lee's materials on "The Case For a Creator." Fascinating, informative, and enlightening come to mind.

Although this video segment is not in our DVD, it is still pertinent because Dr. William Lane Craig figures prominently in the discussions. If anyone can break down the arguments for and against the existence of God, he certainly can.

In all the hubbub, I have forgotten to acknowledge the 200th post on this blog! Actually, this is number 206, but who' s counting? (Answer:

Monday, April 6, 2009


I had the most unfortunate thought. 

I realized that when I post these blog entries, my email recipients receive the unvarnished "Publish Post," which may suffer further revisions upon closer scrutiny from their master (me), and thus be slightly different from what is emailed.

This I know because I send the posts to my own email address as well, and thus, can see what is being sent out.

And not only that: they miss the visual experience of the Worldview Window in all its glory!

Hmmm, I said. What if I just, from now on, send out a link to the blog and hope everyone reads it after I've made subsequent changes (if needed).  

This would be an extra step, i.e., more work for me.  Oh, well. At least you won't see as many of my mistakes.

Just a thought worth implementing.


This beautiful photo is courtesy of Verizon Wireless (my cell phone). Taken at Phoenix's Papago Park on a day when I was unemployed (still am, but looking) and needing to "get out," I took advantage of some scenery last Friday.

The free program Picasa from Google makes it "easy." The hard part is getting the photos from my cellphone to MyVerizon to my computer, and by way of Picasa/Blogger, to the blog.

Also, I am filling in this paragraph in order to--so that---I can accomplish the mundane task of seeing the word wrap in action.

Hitting Enter until you reach this line is the "key" to a great wordwrap! I could have kept on typing to fill all that white space. But then you would have thought I was just "filling white space."

And you would have been correct.
Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Every now and then, I get the itch to blog. But I lack the material or substance necessary to post something worthwhile. So I invariably (a word I heard a lot in college) like to ponder the abstract and come up with something more creative than substantial. You'll see what I mean in a moment (if you haven't already).

So far, the only thing I've done is blog. That is, I have executed the mechanical action of typing: composing (thinking, writing, editing, etc.) and posting-- all while soaking my right foot in hot water and Melaleuca oil to nurse a sore ankle after playing tennis this morning. But I digress.

With this my third paragraph, I have made precious little progress in affecting positive changes for the betterment of mankind in the world today. Cyberspace is several hundred alphanumeric characters more overloaded than it was twenty-four hours ago, at the hands of my complicit keyboard.

Perhaps today, I am more prose artist than practical activist--not that there's anything wrong with that (to borrow a trademark phrase from Seinfeld).

In these moments of quiet reflection, I am pensive about being pensive, and this is not a very lucrative activity to engage in. Writing for writing's sake (and mine) is a selfish pursuit. The Book of Ecclesiastes comes to mind. Where will this post finally end?

Just for good measure, I'm throwing in a link to the Pilgrim's Progress, and to Vanity Fair, in which Christian and his companion Faithful find themselves face-to-face with one town's worldly pursuits in all of their emptiness. I highly recommend the audio drama available at

Thusly, my blog post has ended. And on that positive note, I bid you adieu.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Okay, one more news story for good measure.

This one is about a heroic Iraqi translator for the US military in Iraq, and his indispensible help in fighting the bad guys. It makes my blood boil that everyone but the US State Department thinks he should get a visa to this country. Read this story on and see what I mean.

Visa Denial Puts Heroic Iraqi Translator in the Crosshairs

That's all for now.


Every now and then, I have the "stomach" to read Compass Direct News, the online source for "news from the frontlines of persecution" of Christians around the world.

Today's visit finds no shortage of stories about Islamo-fascist terrorism in countries where Muslims are free to practice their "faith" and Christians are their sacrificial lambs. 

It is good for us in the West to know what goes on in other parts of our world, particularly in those countries where the Devil's Religions are practiced with a vengeance. Witness Hindus in India and Muslims in Iran, where Satan enlists his swarms of officers to temporarily counter any progress made by the Kingdom of God in Christ. 

What Satan means for evil, God means for good to His people. 

"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." 

Genesis 50:20 (New International Version)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sometimes the only sane thing to do is blog.

After several hours of wracking my brain, reading classified ads and articles about career help, researching jobs on the Internet, looking at my finances (which are not dire yet), reading books (parts of them), I've come to the point where it's time to unwind. 

Here, therefore, is a cellphone camera photo from Canyon Lake! It was taken at about 5:30 PM while traveling along the road leading out of the canyon on the way home.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Here is my first uploaded cellphone camera shot of Canyon Lake. I know you guys are tired of hearing about it. But it was a spectacular trip. The boat made it stupendous (how superlative can I go?)! The lower-right corner of the photo shows the front of the boat pushing the water. 

More to come...


Hello, folks. Just wanted to post a link to the webcam where you can see a live video feed of Canyon Lake, Arizona, where, Lord willing, I will be going later today.


Even though I've titled this blog "Worldview Window," I reserve the right to, every now and then, blog about something recreational. Having become recently unemployed, I have found my downsizing to be a mixed blessing, both to former employer and myself. Obviously, the f/e enjoys more room under their "salary cap," while I, the former employee, enjoy "freedom."

Because I have a retirement account set up, and the dubious benefit of unemployment insurance, I am presently able to enjoy taking my time finding a job. Although the ominous zero account balance looms on the horizon if I fail to secure gainful employment to avert such catastrophe, I shall from time to time venture away from the mundane environs of city life and join the ranks of those escapees who have ditched their surly bonds to the asphalt jungle.

I am speaking of going to Canyon Lake here in Arizona with a friend who has refurbished his boat, a miniscule two-man affair, for a short day-trip to the countryside. Too bad I don't have a digital camera. Otherwise I could chronicle the entire adventure here!

Well, blogs away! I'll see you on the other side.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello, friends! Humor me for a moment, please, as I experiment with HTML for different banner ads and so on...

As you can see, the above ad is courtesy of, and in no way implies compulsion on my part for you to go there. It is simply my first attempt at putting an ad in the body of the post, just for fun,  rather than alongside it. 

Okay, my next step is to publish and view this post. 

Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Every now and then, I meet someone who, by choice, does not watch television. This is a form of abstinence which I have not achieved for more than a few days. I have gone without watching TV for a small number of days during the week, when I was busy, tired, otherwise occupied, or on the Internet. But to go without television as a way of life is a degree of sanctification* in the Christian life that I have not reached (yet?).

I need to clarify the fact that although these people do not own TV sets, they probably watch TV elsewhere, as the opportunity presents itself. I am only speculating here, beyond what they have told me.

It is fair to assume that one's ability to focus on God is enhanced by the ability to abstain from any and all distractions. Television could certainly qualify as a distraction par excellence. I may even go so far as to say it is a perfect analogy of the WORLDVIEW WINDOW through which we all look at life.

Of course, it is a choice-- one which we make every day. It is generally wiser to not watch TV because so much of it is, in fact, garbage-- moral sewage waiting to be piped into our homes via cable or antenna. But I also believe it is probably not wise to "throw the baby out with the bath water." It has its place in culture, in society, in education, in entertainment, in preaching the gospel and ministering to people. So it is safe to say I have not, and probably will not, throw away my DTV (Distraction To Vocation).

Wait! I have an analog TV set with a converter box. Hmmm... There is a delicious moral or parable wrapped up in that configuration. 

As Christians, our spiritual eyes have been "converted" from blindness to sight. I was looking up some Bible references to "eyes" and "sight," and came across a very good passage in Habakkuk 1:13. It says:


*Q. 35. What is sanctification?
A. Sanctification is the work of God's free grace, whereby we are renewed in the whole man after the image of God, and are enabled more and more to die unto sin, and live unto righteousness. (Westminster Shorter Catechism)

Friday, February 27, 2009


...would not, indeed, describe the full intent of its author the way this one does. I have embarked, however unofficially so, on a more focused direction with this blog. It is intended to be a more thematic endeavor in line with God's Law in general, offering resources available for further personal study, education, and enrichment.

Much could be said at this point. But because fatigue and bedtime are fast converging upon each other, I must consider this a finished post and leave you with Cyber Good Night and God Bless!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, in the interest of upholding the spirit of "fairness," I would like the cyber world to know that I watched or listened to the entire Google Video of President Obama's speech this evening.

The two comments he made which stood out in my mind more than all others were:

"I get it."

"We Americans don't do what is easy. We do what is necessary to move the country forward."

 The exact context of the first comment was indeed easy to get: Americans are fed up with bankers who should not have loaned money incorrectly/unethically to otherwise unqualified people who could not repay/afford their mortgages.  

The second comment came toward the end of his speech, when he was encouraging the country to take the initiative to solve these immense economic problems.

Well, in case you missed the live speech like I did, here's the link to YouTube

Monday, February 16, 2009


I just read a post by economist Robert Murphy, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism," on, in which he makes a good case for tax cuts to increase production rather than consumption. This is a reversal and correction of the premise on which our government based its decision to pass the Economic Stimulus Package: to increase consumer spending and thus "stimulate" the economy to recover from its recession.

To boot, Mr. Murphy is a Christian believer, and he has posted on his blog, Free Advice, a pretty good analysis of Jesus' use of parables to expose the willful ignorance of the masses listening to Him, and the inherent ability of believers to listen and "hear" with spiritual ears.

In his inaugural post on Free Advice, August 22, 2008, he says, "In the weeks ahead, I'll explain why I am so pessimistic about the U.S. economy for at least the next five years, but I'll also suggest options for you to protect your personal wealth during this storm."

Thank God for men like Mr. Murphy.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, I finally watched all three parts to the interview between Mike Wallace and Ayn Rand. I am neither a fan nor an enthusiast of Rand's, but as a Christian I can watch, without condescension, a very warm and friendly exchange between two people who hold diametrically-opposing worldviewpoints. Wallace represented the Judaeo-Christian worldview, and Rand held firmly to an atheistic, self-interested worldview which somehow overlapped with economic truths which I perceived in her answers and somewhat agreed with. 

For instance, she made  the point that depressions are caused by government intervention in a free economy, and not by the market forces themselves. This I would tend to agree with, based on my limited and recent exposure to the Austrian school of economics. An excellent starting point for learning about this philosophy is .

She does, in my opinion, take an extremely hardline on most issues discussed here. I sympathize with her, for she has not experienced the new birth of the spirit given by Christ our Savior, whom Wallace actually mentions without being censored! I only hope she did so before her death in 1982.

More can be learned about this fascinating historical figure of American life by visiting and reading about her there.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Just wanted to post a link here for an interesting interview from 1959 between Mike Wallace and Ayn Rand. I watched the first part (there are three), and hope to see the other two. They run about ten minutes each. Enjoy, or feel sorry for the compassionate Wallace trying to appease the implacably unbelieving Rand...

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, so you want to build a website. But you don't know how. And your annual budget for such things is 300 dollars. Well, you're in the right place, because today's post brings you the best web-hosting and site-building service in the world: SiteSell. 

I came across mainly because my brother recently encouraged me to join another fine site,  Now Dr. North is an economist/theologian/educator in things pertaining to the economy, finance, and theology. He does his level best to promote sound ideas, Biblical principles, and godly solutions for today's--and tomorrow's problems. An article of his pointed to a highly successful man named Steve Pavlina, who in turn recommended SiteBuildIt. I was, and still am, very impressed with all of these sites!

Now back to the topic at hand: building a website business!. If you want to learn more about SiteSell's flagship product, SiteBuildIt, then click the link for more information and a very encouraging experience will greet you! 

Well, that's all for now. Visiting their websites is only the first step toward understanding the magnitude of this e-commerce universe.