Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, I finally watched all three parts to the interview between Mike Wallace and Ayn Rand. I am neither a fan nor an enthusiast of Rand's, but as a Christian I can watch, without condescension, a very warm and friendly exchange between two people who hold diametrically-opposing worldviewpoints. Wallace represented the Judaeo-Christian worldview, and Rand held firmly to an atheistic, self-interested worldview which somehow overlapped with economic truths which I perceived in her answers and somewhat agreed with. 

For instance, she made  the point that depressions are caused by government intervention in a free economy, and not by the market forces themselves. This I would tend to agree with, based on my limited and recent exposure to the Austrian school of economics. An excellent starting point for learning about this philosophy is .

She does, in my opinion, take an extremely hardline on most issues discussed here. I sympathize with her, for she has not experienced the new birth of the spirit given by Christ our Savior, whom Wallace actually mentions without being censored! I only hope she did so before her death in 1982.

More can be learned about this fascinating historical figure of American life by visiting and reading about her there.
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