Sunday, December 16, 2012


... Jesus Christ!

Any questions?

One good purpose for blogging is to bookmark articles which make an impact on you and me.

Today's bookmark is Garrett Paul Parrish's article on "The God of This World" at

Although I am puzzled by his translation of kosmos as "age" in John 12:31, I do agree with his conclusion that:
  • Satan was the god of that world (during the time of Old Covenant Israel), and 
  • Christ is the God of this world (New Eternal Covenant Israel, i.e., believers).

The Apostle Paul referred to Satan as "the god of this world (kosmos)" during the transitional 40-year period -- from Jesus' crucifixion to the destruction of the Old Covenant in 70 A.D. He should not, however, be confused with the God of Israel! Context, context, context.

Now, we look back and see who the god of that world was: Satan.

But today we know that Christ is King, the God of this world!

Preterist Newbie Disclaimer: 
If I am wrong in explaining or understanding my position, which I am clumsily defining all the time, I apologize. Heresy is not my goal.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


chem trails
Looking SW from my home. You can see multiple
chem trails below the diagonal one with its shadow.
Okay. It's time to blog for "fun."

Several weeks ago, I snapped a few pics of some chem trails across my afternoon sky (the "my" is figurative).

Having watched a YouTube video on chem trails, I was angry that these menacing lines of poisonous aluminum powder and other various toxins, which are intended to control weather patterns, but are harmful to all of life continue to paint our God-given skies. See the video for interviews with scientists who have been studying the long-term effects of plant life exposure in California and Hawaii.

I did what any good activist would do. I grabbed my (dad's) camera!

Here is another one.

See the dissipated ones at the top? I am pretty sure
natural cloud formations are not straight lines.
Had enough conspiracy theory for one day?

All I can say is, if the evidence is true and the video is truthful, we are sitting ducks in season.

Start quacking!