Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Word-Processed Post

This is my first blogpost in which I use a word processor instead of the on-site editor at The problem with using's Writer word processing program is that it takes forever to load! It is much slower at responding to commands (i.e., mouse clicks, keystrokes) than Microsoft Word . I think that is because Linux is generally slower than Windows. Sorry to burst someone's anti-Microsoft bubble. I do, however, see repeated by pro-Linux writers that Linux is less vulnerable to viruses, email attacks and spyware. I will grant them that.

Well, that was my first paragraph using Writer as a post editor. I must say I did notice the disadvantages mentioned above (slowness). I am even more reluctant to recommend Linux to the faint-of-heart, unless you have the patience of Job and nerves of steel. The good thing about composing offline is that you don't have the time limits imposed by ISPs or whatever.

I am happy to report that this is the third (and possibly final) paragraph in today's Writer Post. I fully realize that NOBODY READS MY BLOG  except me. Perhaps I will stumble upon the right formula for a successful blog.
Or not.
10/29/05 06:34:58 pm


(That was an interjectory pun on the word blog;)

And now for some relevant content:

I believe I have achieved the unintended goal of making this the single most unread blog on the Internet today. And how did I gauge my progress? Well, by the lack of comments on each post, I was able to surmise that NOBODY reads my blog.

Ah, but YOU are reading it, my unknown and unsearchable friend.

I admit there are far better places to find life-changing content (such as the Bible). On that, I defer to my Infinite Creator.

But if you want a BLOG, this is it. I recommend Hugh Hewitt's site,
for a truly professional, journalist blog. He is the guru of conservative ("intelligent") political talk and a Moses for us armchair pundits. One tip from him is to compose your posts in a word processor before posting it to the web. I keep forgetting!

Well, another short, futile, unread...blah, blah, blah. God bless.