Saturday, November 25, 2006

LIVE 365

To Whom It May Concern:

If you want to try a new website for listening to music you want to hear, then listen to! They have ALL genres of music and talk radio for free or pay. I recently discovered it by listening to iTunes and noticing that many internet stations were playing their music through! Wow!

I hope everyone has a joyful and blessed Christmas season.

Friday, November 24, 2006


I trust the Lord gave you all a happy Thanksgiving Day. I feel that, as Christians, we should give thanks every day! Even though "it goes without saying," we need to be reminded, above all things, to be thankful to God for all things.

Right now, I am watching/listening to RC Sproul teach about the free will of man versus the sovereignty of God. I am thankful that I can do that. Christian instruction in sound Biblical doctrine is the most valuable activity we can engage in. Let us take every opportunity to do that.

Well, I have once again posted an entry here on what is probably the least-read blog on the Internet. I say that with a little sarcasm. I would hope that someone does leave a comment at the end of the posts. My desire to blog outpaces any response from readers (God bless you if you are one).

This concludes my latest attempt to blog successfully, that is, with real people(?) visiting. What can I do? Get a visitor counter? Eureka!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well, I couldn't let today pass without first wishing any and all readers of my world-unfamous blog a Happy Thanksgiving. Now that I have completed that task, let me continue surfing and listening to

God bless and save the USA!


One of my favorite activities, or inactivities if you consider sitting at a computer inactive, is to listen online to any of a number of favorite audio clips of music, sermons, lectures, or internet radio.

At the moment, I have RC Sproul on's Flash Player, talking about Thanksgiving Day in our history as a nation and country. I consulted my Microsoft Encarta Dictionary for the difference between "country" and "nation." Country can refer to either the geographical area containing a political body of people, or to the people in that country (e.g., the whole country supported him). But nation refers to the people in that country. This is my humble, educated opinion.

Well, today finds me at my desktop window to the digital world, hunting and pecking out a spontaneous message to the vast reaches of cyberspace, a work of cyberprose to fellow bloggers abiding anonymously in the blogosphere. As you can see, I am quite capable of stretching an otherwise short blog post out to infinity, or at least nausea.

I feel it is imperative that I somehow at this point summarize my argument(s) and conclude this meandering entry into the digital blue yonder and say, Thanks for humoring this blogger.

Blog on!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well, now, today finds me once again blogging for blogging's sake. I wonder if anybody is reading this. It is every blogger's dream to have a readership, someone besides him/herself who likes to visit and read their blog. Well, I find no evidence that there is any such person, Therefore, I have decided to post this entry.

"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." That, I believe, is a direct quote from the Bible. There, I just looked it up: Hebrews 10:31.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Okay, so this is another post to celebrate my ongoing maintenance of blog cred (weblog credibility, for the unwashed masses). I listen to Hugh Hewitt on the radio, and occasionally he uses the term "street cred" (credibility), for example. I have been trying to post blog entries, but Google's Beta Blogger (not beta blocker), or Blogger Beta, was having difficulty completing the task. So here I am again...posting up.

I am a happy surfer since I've discovered how to purchase and download songs from the Internet, using either iTunes, Windows Media Player's URGE, or Real Player. My, life is happy (not gay) once again, as I can fill the airwaves immediately surrounding my computer (and myself) with sounds of my choice. I am hereon no longer beholden and enslaved to the programming whims of complete strangers (and ninnies) who have no concept of what I like or deem appropriate for my listening pleasure.

For example, I have downloaded and played the theme song from The Pink Panther, songs from Mary Poppins, and listened to bluegrass gospel music! What fun! Makes me wonder what will motivate me to turn the TV back on. Probably boredom.

I urge everyone to purchase music this way. It's so much cheaper than buying a whole album, many of the songs on which I may not particularly like. But, avast, now there's legalized piracy!



Well, it seems a slight controversy has erupted over the definition of a sandwich. In a story at, a sandwich shop in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts tried to prevent a Mexican restaurant from opening in the same shopping mall, citing a clause in their lease with the White City Shopping Center. It prevents another sandwich shop from opening in the mall.

The Panera Bread Co., a bakery and cafe chain, claimed that burritos are sandwiches, thus their claim against the restaurant. The definition as ruled by the judge in the case came down to two slices of bread versus one tortilla.

The judge wrote in his decision: "A sandwich is not commonly understood to include burritos, tacos and quesadillas, which are typically made with a single tortilla and stuffed with a choice filling of meat, rice, and beans."

Cambridge chef Chris Schlesinger said in an affidavit: "I know of no chef or culinary historian who would call a burrito a sandwich. Indeed, the notion would be absurd to any credible chef or culinary historian."

I agree. That's a wrap.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Is it any wonder people don't blog EVERY DAY? Wow, what in the world would I blog about if I blogged every day? Whatever I want. Okay, let's say I blogged yesterday (which I did). Yesterday was Election Day! Did I say a word about that? No. I simply gushed about blogging for blogging's sake.

Now let's say I choose to blog TODAY (which I did). I am also listening to RC Sproul lecture on "Is God in a Rut?" I am simultaneously composing this blog entry, which you are reading now. The audio clip has ended. I must advance a plausible argument before starting the next paragraph, as this will greatly improve my credibility as a serious blogger.

Wannabes, retire! Sleep shall be thy help in thy quest for credibility tremendously!

You know, I really should go to bed rather than continue. This daily blogging business has me wondering if I can overcome fatigue and a drought of ideas--at least for today.


Tuesday, November 7, 2006


I was mulling the phenomenon of blogging just now, and decided to post an entry fresh with inspiration. These moments are precious and few. Therefore, I must seize the opportunity to publish them. Pffff! Why not?

A healthy fear of saying something really stupid hangs over the conscientious blogger. He or she must exercise restraint when publishing comments over such a vast expanse of readership as the Internet. I fully realize that the interjection "Pffff!" is not necessarily stupid. But not elevating one's vocabulary above that is.

Well, I feel I have succeeded in putting forth a few lines of intelligent prose. Don't you?

One side note: I occasionally like to pose a question to the reader, assuming there is one. I like to think there is. But one can't be sure using such a unilateral medium as a desktop computer.

But I digress. How I love to say that, especially in print. Gutenburg, you reinvented life!

Whatever. Who in their right (or left) mind would want to read this blog of mine? I hold on to an ongoing hope that someone will post a comment saying:

"I read with interest your blog post dated _______, and found I agree/disagree on this/that point(s). Here's why..."

Is that so impossible? Hope springs eternal.

Saturday, November 4, 2006


I see on my Blog Archive that 2006 is shaping up to be a pretty productive year, compared to 2005. I only had 27 posts then, compared to 35 and counting so far this year! What's up with 2004? Did I go on a cruise or what? Go to


How do you like my new template? It's called "Denim." Blogger Beta offers new templates, so I chose this one. I always view improvements, no matter how small, as God's grace on a fallen world (Where Blogs Are Condemned to Stay The Same Forever).

Just kidding. I have no intention of "STAYING THE SAME". No sir. Not this kid. Not me. Uh-uh. Nope. Foggetaboddit.

Whew! How many negations was that? Too many. Well, I'm turning over a new template. I hope you like it. Too bad if you don't. I figure if I like it, you'll like it. We have too many self-serving bloggers out there who won't even ask their readership if they like it!

Now would be a good time for a shameless plug. You know, a hyperlink that will take you to a heretofore unknown-to-you website where you can see/hear/purchase something that will improve your life. Ah, we're back to "improvements" again. O the grace of God.

Anyway, I could steer you to a whole website full of outstanding, phenomenal, conservative, right-wing, Republican columns and blogs, articles and what-not. And like those blogs, I can hide the web address in a word ever so inconspicuously. It's more fun (so goes the wisdom) to mouse over the link to see the address before you click on it. Another minor improvement on the blogosphere, and cyberspace in general.

Well, I've wasted another block of cyber real estate to communicate with a vast, unimaginable readership of screen zombies. Oh, how I love to sound like Ann Coulter! She can slice wits with the best of them.



So this is Blogger Beta. Cool.

Where are the streamers and confetti? Oh, I see a few improvements around the Post Editor page. Woohoo! I can't wait until I finish typing this post so I can post it and see what happens, what new thing(s) will happen when I click on "Publish!"

Blogs are a writer-wannabe's dream come true. I can publish virtually anything (Get it? "Virtually?")

Anyway, this post is all about experimentation. Let's see what happens when I waste another several megabytes of bandwidth posting this cyber-drivel. Sorry, I don't mean to be so self-deprecating. But you get the point.

Let all viewers of cyberspace see the results!!!


Nothing in particular? Boy, that'll grab your readership right out of cyberspace like nothing else. Why would ANYONE want to read a blog about "nothing in particular?"

It seems to me this whole business of blogging has really gotten out of hand. I mean, people are just logging on and punching up the first thing that pops into their silly little heads! Next thing you know, they'll be blogging for themselves!!!

Well, I have come to the rescue with my no-nonsense approach to blogging. All I do is log in, click on "Blog This," and away I go. Once you know your way around, it gets easier.

So far, I must say that I have stalled pretty well. What do you think? I mean, this is nothing more than a creative outlet for me to vent my pent-up frustations about...