Monday, June 30, 2008


Let me introduce you (that is, if you are not familiar with him yet) to Gary North. He is the man who gained notoriety for trumpeting the cause of preparation for Y2K. I admit, I was caught up slightly in the hype. But now, I am finding he is a fire-hydrant of useful information and resources at his (and our) disposal.

Well, the purpose of this blog post today is to point you to, a treasure chest of advice and resources for making sense (and money) in this uncertain and "unpredictable" economy.

When you have time, peruse this website for seemingly endless articles and practical advice, which you can access for free or with a membership.

Do what you can, and enjoy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today is the fourteenth day of June, which means we are one week away from officially starting the summer season. Well, here in the Salt River Valley, also known as the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ), we know summer is already in full swing. The temperature is supposed to be a hundred-and-something! It's hot.

Well, that doesn't deter me, or anyone at the helm of their computer terminal, from interacting with the digital universe. I am composing this blog post while listening to RC Sproul teach online at Very interesting.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Joe Battaglia, the host of  "The American Advisor" radio show, quoted the Wall Street Journal as saying, "Inflation is the thief of the thrifty middle class." In an article posted at, Mr. Battaglia says:

   "The worker is bearing the biggest brunt of the problems that are facing today's economy.  The Wall Street Journal comments on this fact by pointing out the actions taken by the Federal Reserve and treasury have served to create inflationary pressures, which  have been negative for middle income Americans.  As they said so eloquently, 'Inflation is  the thief of the thrifty middle class.' They further pointed out, 'In its attempt to help Wall Street and the financial system, Fed policy is punishing average Americans.'  These words ring true to every American who is struggling to make ends meet." (, May 7, 2008, Commentary) 

Mr. Battaglia, along with most sensible precious metals market analysts, advocates a return to the gold standard in this country, as do I. Inflation would be virtually non-existent.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here I go again, plodding along with another blogpost to my credit and asking a rhetorical question: What is the point of posting these textual manifestations of my personality, if there are no recipients--or worse, if there are recipients who don't care enough to respond? 

I know that at least God and the enemy are reading my blog. I feel like Martin Luther in this regard. There is a devil, but "he is God's devil," a cosmic dog on a divine leash.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to visit to watch tornado footage...