Monday, April 6, 2009


This beautiful photo is courtesy of Verizon Wireless (my cell phone). Taken at Phoenix's Papago Park on a day when I was unemployed (still am, but looking) and needing to "get out," I took advantage of some scenery last Friday.

The free program Picasa from Google makes it "easy." The hard part is getting the photos from my cellphone to MyVerizon to my computer, and by way of Picasa/Blogger, to the blog.

Also, I am filling in this paragraph in order to--so that---I can accomplish the mundane task of seeing the word wrap in action.

Hitting Enter until you reach this line is the "key" to a great wordwrap! I could have kept on typing to fill all that white space. But then you would have thought I was just "filling white space."

And you would have been correct.
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