Wednesday, September 23, 2009


If anyone wants to view a case study in mentally incompetent world leaders who have no business standing in front of the United Nations General Assembly, witness Moammar Qaddafi:

I actually prefer "President" Obama over this nut because at least Obama is coherent. Even the translator had trouble following his "reasoning." You can hear the frustration in the poor fellow's voice.

I hope this video posts properly here. The preview of it had some layout issues. Oh, well.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, intrepid fans of controversy, I want to post my agreement with "President" Obama (I'm still not convinced he is eligible). Let us "birthers" (those of us who are skeptical of his birth place and secrecy about his past) go down in history as either dead-wrong and irrelevant, or right-on-target and still irrelevant!

But what Barack Obama called Kanye West the other day was accurate. I won't repeat it here, but the King James Version of the Holy Bible calls the animal an "ass," and it has a first name.

I finally (serendipitously) came across the video clip of Kanye making an *** of himself. Although I did not see him acting particularly awful, the gist of his actions were rude and distasteful. But when you're rich, famous, and not afraid to do stupid things like that...

I mean, who does he (West) think he is?

Here is the embedded bit of chutzpah:

I was passionate (vehemently opposed) about this enough to blog, almost as mad as I was at Perez Hilton for being a j***a** toward Carrie Prejean in the Miss America pageant. Remember that?

What an ***!

Sorry, I'm not feeling/being very evangelical at times like this. Seeing high-profile, virtuous people under attack does that to me. At least Kanye apologized in his blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sometimes ya just gotta visit some good, politically charged (with conservative ions) websites like and see what sticks. I just feel like posting a link to "in-the-zone" Ann Coulter's column on healthcare Obama-style. You can read it here:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello again, friends. Another reminder that "wickedness in high places" is still a problem, and thank God we have a congress that is willing to take another look at a festering sore in our government: ACORN.

Now I don't purport to be an authority on ACORN (or on what "purport" means), but I know a red flag when I see one... and I see one. Lots of them. Good news: congress wants to investigate ACORN. I received an email about it from a friend. You may view the web page here.

When you see government doing the right thing, it's a good sign that God has not completely abandoned us. Take heart!


Well, friends, I promised--er, told-- a friend that I would post a link to this story regarding the recent march on Washington DC by a very large contingent of good, patriotic, conservative, law-abiding (yes, they should go together) citizens of the USA. So here it is:

Hightailing It Out of Town

It is a column by Robert Ringer, whom I admit I very seldom come across in my daily scouring of a few websites for a general gist of news. But I figure I agree with the friend who sent me this, as well as the column itself.

So hear, hear, the few and proud, civilly obedient masses who wish to voice and demonstrate their opposition to a perceived if not very real threat to our country's ideal as we wish to preserve it. A refreshing reminder that all is not lost...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today's post is an attempt to rescue this blog from oblivion and obscurity. Well, maybe that's asking too much. But I felt the title of my last post was ridiculously empty-- and therefore, I had to post something... anything! Just don't leave that inane title on top!

Now that I have succeeded in getting your attention for no particular reason, I apologize for leaving you hanging without any sort of information to enlighten you (the masses). I've always said blogging is for self-centered megalomaniacs without a following. Not really. Many self-respecting individuals share a common need to communicate with the outside world in a convenient and self-contained way.

Seeing a pattern of "self-" words in the previous paragraph prompts me to initiate a salutation (I looked it up). Therefore, I am...