Monday, June 27, 2005


There is much to discuss in the news, what with the Supreme Court showing their supreme ignorance of our country's Judeo-Christian heritage, and their obvious disdain for God's Law. Only a truly anti-Christian bunch of "men in black" (sorry, Justices Ginsberg and O'Connor) would even think of ruling against the public display of the Ten Commandments. I feel sorry for them as a Christian, because I know it takes God's sovereign grace and power to change someone from being lost to being saved, from unbeliever to believer, from anti-Christian to Christian. I can only pray that He would save them from their own sins and cause them to believe in His Word, through Jesus Christ His Son. Amen.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Well, this is Arial font, and I'm thinking I might go with it. My only question is, why does this editor confuse a depressed "bold" button with a normal one? I finally got it to agree with what's onscreen!

I have been perusing the news and blog sites to get up to speed. It seems the world goes on whether I'm prepared to read about it or not. The nice thing is that there are plenty of people out there with cyber-savvy who blog and report the news far better than I ever could. And with more enthusiasm and passion.

A good example is Hugh Hewitt. I can listen to him on the radio, and check his blog later, and get a good gist of what may become the most important, crucial political football of the day. I suspect he is inspiring a whole generation of up-and-coming pundits who will revolutionize what he calls the "New Media."

Be a part of the blog revolution, the Information Reformation. Blog and be blogged!

Monday, June 6, 2005


At the moment, I am drawing a complete blank as to what to blog about. I am currently seeking a possibly new...FONT!!! Maybe even a BOLD font! Apparently, I have lost all sense of decorum when it comes to blogging. Why else would I be grasping for straws (and words)? I've decided to leave it on "Font." Bold Font. Bold Normal Size Font.

Sunday, June 5, 2005


Okay, the good news is I am searching for a more readable font. The only reason I titled this post "Good News" is because I was hoping to avoid changing font mid-post. Nothing is more distracting than changing font mid-post!!! Here is Trebuchet normal bold.

Here is "Normal Size Font." Here is bold. I wonder if it looks good "out there." I also learned that double-spacing after a sentence makes it easier to read. I just have to remember to do it!

Okay, second thought: I have grown accustomed to listening to Sermon while blogging. I recommend listening to online radio or some favorite audio of your preference. I think I'll publish and view, critique and edit, revise, revise, revise (ad nauseum)...

I am not firmly decided on which font will be my default choice. I will decide based on these posts. :)


This post marks a virtual first in my blog: I am typing the body of the post before titling it!!! Such a reversal of protocol is momentous in that I must come up with a title relevant to the subject matter rather than the usual tail-wagging-the-dog approach, wherein I come up with a snappy title (?) and run with it. (Get it? Run? Dog?:)

Well, I am experimenting with different fonts. Here is Arial, but I must type right away, because it is context-sensitive. If I move the cursor to another portion of text, it will revert to whatever font surrounds it. Also, I can highlight text, then change its font. How about bold? This is an experimental post. I will publish it and see how it looks. Nothing wrong with a little improvement, right?

One more sentence, then I'll publish it... #8^)

Saturday, June 4, 2005


Well, I did learn to switch browsers when I was not able to post a new entry due to formatting errors in Opera. Here I am in Mozilla Firefox, typing away.

I titled today's post as such because I figured I would develop some sense of what I wanted to say while I was typing. At the commencement of any blog entry, it is helpful to have a good feel for what you want to say. This feeling will come and go. The fun part of blogging is thinking you are actually saying something worthwhile. Perhaps others will agree. Perhaps they won't.

Avoid excessive self-deprecation unless it is really, really funny. If you think it's funny, chances are, so will someone else. I say this because I resisted that temptation in the last paragraph. I rescued the point being made by avoiding EXCESSIVE use of negativity. I strive to say something worthwhile in a good humor.

I recommend listening to something online while blogging because it works in concert with what you want to say. Your mind is engaged in listening to the audio stream and in blogging. What a workout for the mind!

I should probably wind up the post. Who knows? I may change the title of my blog to Pete's Post.