Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well, I was finally able to visit this blog using Linux instead of Windows. (Heretofore, I was only able to visit the blogpost create/edit page.) This was a momentous occasion because I have been trying for months to visit this and other websites, but with no success. I had posted a couple of entries here at another computer (with Windows XP on it). I was also able to visit several sites that I have been trying for weeks (or months) to visit, but Linux would just not connect to them no matter what I tried. It may have been the time of day that allowed them to connect to one another.

This may all seem trivial to some, but I find that an Internet connection is like a lifeline to the world. But I digress.

Back to the good news, I was inspired by Hugh Hewitt's blog to visit my blog--and here I am. Still, some sites work, and some sites don't. I'll keep trying.

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Hey, wait a minute!

Under Linux, I CANNOT connect to the host (which happens to be the web address for my blog)!!! I can, however, connect to and publish posts, but I cannot view my blog unless I go to a Windows computer! Hmmm...This requires further investigaton. Unfortunately, I must reiterate my reluctance to recommend Linux unless I can actually visit websites. Alas, I must wait to use a Windows OS...for now.


Hallelujah!!! I just accessed my blog (actually the "Create Post" page) for the first time using Linux instead of Windows! I had to visit (the portal to my blog) because the blog's address ( NEVER works here in Linux country. Neither did Well, I am pleased as punch to get on my blog using Linux. I will bookmark the actual blog page and see what happens.

I am anxious to post this entry so I can see if it really works. I don't recommend using Linux unless your Windows operating system is so fraught with malfunctions and needs reinstalling (again) that you are willing to venture out to the unknown expanse known as Open Source software. I am a "newbie," which means my learning curve is Mount Everest! But I put my "boots" on (computer pun intended) for Linux.

Well, before this entry detriorates into silly oblivion, let me publish this post and go from there.

Till we read again.

Monday, August 1, 2005


Well, it seems I could not stay away long from the blogosphere. I must gush some more about Windows--that "loveable" eight-hundred megabyte gorilla which every self-respecting geek-wannabe attacks from a distance but keeps at arm's length, just in case the Alternative (read: Linux/etc.) doesn't work. It is truly a pleasure to see a browser open up a web page clearly and quickly, without all of the unevenly-spaced text and missing sections (not ads). Perhaps there is some poor soul out there contemplating such a migration. Be warned. You may not like all of what you see out there in Open Source Heaven. I've been there and back. Like an African safari, there is much to see and experience. But not all of it is paved and smooth.

I could wax eloquent (indefinitely) about it. You see, I am currently waiting for a Windows Update to finish downloading to my computer. Ah, the miracle of working software that is available and easy to understand! After "roughing it" with Linux for a few weeks, I am more willing to tolerate what I once disdained about Windows: its ease of use, ubiquitous resources, apparent flexibility, and, oh yes, its "slowness." There must be a fifth item in my list! There must!!!

"" would be an appropriate name for a website which describes the adventures of wayward Windows users who have rediscovered their appreciation for Big Brother Gates and Company. How about Linux Junkies Anonymous? We can have fun with this!

It looks like my download gained another percentage point. Ah, progress. Will it ever be out of vogue to pick on Windows? I think not. It's much too fun. Good humor is the balm that heals. Sixteen percent more! This looks like another successful install. One down. Ten billion more to go.

As I approach the magical "100%" mark, let me pause to say it has been a wonderful "homecoming" to return to Big Daddy Microsoft. Replete with splendid programs that are compatible with virtually everything else under the Windows Bigtop, let us indulge in the completion of another successful update!

Thank God the download is finished!!! Now for the next one...


Well, now isn't this interesting? I spent valuable cyberspace blogging about the pros and cons of using Microsoft Windows versus Linux (a hobbyist's paradise), and now I am back-pedaling to a conciliatory tone and PRAISING Windows (XP) for saving my computer from a life of Perpetual Intro-net!

Will Linux EVER get me to,, or even I will attempt further installations of different distributions of Linux in order to see if these and MOST websites I try to visit will in fact show up-- in part or at all! For those of you who may know about Linux, I tried many times and finally installed Mandriva Linux 10.0, but was unable to upgrade it to 10.1 for MANY reasons.

In sheer desperation, I reinstalled (gasp!) Windows XP. Guess what? It works--and quite well! I may have learned a valuable lesson from all this. Count your Windows before they're broken. If that means anything...

Anyway, this is a trumpet blast, a clarion call to all who will listen: back up your files; format your hard drive; reinstall Windows (if you want)! Then see if you can partition your hard drive for Linux to be installed (somehow). Don't get me wrong. I have every intention of pursuing a successful relaunch of Linux on my computer, a dual boot sytem if possible. It was a lot of fun to try and make Linux work. But for now, "Winflaws" is working pretty well.

There are many websites offering good and so-so advice on using Linux. You will need patience, a sense of humor, and the ability to backtrack from all of the deadends you may face while trying to figure it all out. Godspeed! And have fun (but not TOO much fun :^)