Monday, August 24, 2009


Gadzooks! Has it been twelve days since I last visited this wonderful instrument for expressing religious and political views without fear of government repercussions?

Indeed. A blog neglected for that much time is surely needing some periodic attention. I occasionally read my latest posts and mull possible ideas. But it takes a full-blown inspiration from somewhere to attack the blog with both fingers (and thumbs).

Having started a third paragraph without so much as a link to is a sad situation. Writer's block has permutated to Blogger's blank.

With that said, perhaps it is good to be involved with online classes to keep my mind active and working, so that I can come up with stellar blog posts like this one. I wonder at times if this endeavor is living up to all of the hype about blogging.

The ultimate Blogger's Blank is to blog about blogging. A columnless column. Maybe this is just a warm up to a bigger and better post. One thinks and hopes so.

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