Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today's "issue" of faith and life is unemployment. I feel, after much deliberation with myself and others, that it's not my fault!!!

Whew! That was cathartic if not therapeutic.

I believe it even more, now that I have worked occasionally on a temporary basis, and come to realize that, as long as there was a long-term and large-scale demand for my services, such as they are, I had a job! Now, I am not so sure that demand for them will ever come back.

Perhaps blogging is therapeutic in that I may express, in just the "right" words, how devoid of real, practical hope I am of running a business successfully or getting a good job. All of the platitudes I tell myself as a response or reflex from all of the platitudes I was told by others that it's all up to me (really?), that it's my fault I am where I am (okay, I'll change today), and that this is the land of opportunity (is it shrinking, along with my abilities?). This is the same situation millions (dare I say billions) of people find themselves in. Not enough money at the end of the month.

Juice Plus, along with the other network marketing businesses out there that promise to deliver you (if you want it) from your financial mess, is my current diversion from the jobless blues. As with all other "businesses" I have started, this one will end on the ash heap of history. Not the company, mind you. Just me.

Well, I must commence groveling in self pity and will get back to you. Be well.