Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mandriva Linux 2006

Greeting, friends. Today's post is an observation of the latest Linux operating system , Mandriva 2006. My first comment is a commendation of its ability to do more on my computer than Mandriva 10.0. For example, It is able to connect me with most, if not all, of the websites which 10.0 could not. Given that my mouse no linger functions properly since installing 2006, I was able to learn how to emulate the mouse using the keyboard (Alt+F12). Use the arrow keys to move the cursor, and hit Enter to "click." Try it.

In any event, I am willing to try Linux for now, until I buy a NEW computer (spelled A-P-P-L-E)!!! I am leaning toward the Mac Mini, but I'm still finalizing my decision.

Well, another unread blogpost has come to an end. Buh-bye!