Friday, November 6, 2009


It seems that a common misconception of Calvinism is the belief that, for example, Abraham would never have left Ur of the Chaldees had he been a Calvinist. After all, they claim, Calvinists don't do: they just pray.

I take great offense when someone slanders me, be it ever so slightly--especially when they use Calvinism as their justification. Do I do that to them? I notice "free will" believers go out of their way to attack Calvinism. Do I do that with "free will" people? No. I defend, to the best of my ability, what I believe to be sound doctrine from the Bible, based on what I've learned over the years from reputable Bible teachers who are known for their warm, evangelistic tone and knowledge of Scripture.

Do the names RC Sproul, John MacArthur, Sinclair Ferguson, John Piper, James White, and Charles Spurgeon ring a bell with anyone? None is infallible as a pastor, teacher, and preacher. But all are excellent in rightly dividing the Word of God.

Nine times out of ten, I agree with free willers! But they must have their fun and slander Calvin. They're wrong, but that doesn't matter to them. I'm a sinner like them. I know I must endure the growth process of sanctification as they must. It is indeed a blessing to be called a child of God.

When we decided to follow Christ, it was by the grace of God alone. Our wills were remade, reborn by the Spirit of God and His Word (Scripture and Jesus). Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)

I only defend Calvinism because it gives God all the credit and glory for our salvation, and because I think it is very arrogant to believe that I know better than him or any other Bible scholar what the Bible teaches. He and many others have proven themselves to have a better, bird's eye view of things in Scripture. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I wish free willers could see that I agree with them 99% of the time, except when they slander Calvin (and me) with misconceptions of Scripture that neither of us believes!

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