Monday, March 17, 2014


Please excuse my shameless use of a familiar phrase, adapted for this post on Dr. Joel Wallach's famous lecture, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie." This is the original version, formerly on cassette tape (Google it) and now on CD.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well, I have just watched a very powerful video of Dr. James White presenting "The Case Against Ergun Caner" in a Google+ Hangouts live stream, re-broadcast on YouTube. Apparently, Dr. Ergun Caner is still being found wanting of truthfulness about himself and others, even as an ordained Christian pastor and academic scholar of sorts. This is obviously troubling enough to warrant a lengthy address by one of Christianity's most prolific and authoritative apologists in our day, James White.

Perhaps some of you have been following (unwillingly) the ongoing saga of Ergun Caner over a series of unfortunate events which comprise the scandal. Lying and cover-ups tend to do that, you know.

A scary thought has occurred to me. Although the Caner & Company debacle/scandal of falsehoods and cover-ups since 2006 has been exposed by credible sources (like Dr. White) and denied by Caner and others, Dr. Caner was still invited by the U.S. Marine Corps to speak about the subject of knowing the mind of a jihadist to a group of marines -- as a credible authority!

Of course, I use the adjective "credible" loosely here when referring to Dr. Caner.

My concern, as a conspiracy theorist, is that I suspect Dr. Caner fits the classic profile of a CIA asset, groomed from an early age to be raised and protected until, at some point, his or her mission becomes activated through circumstances and cover-ups while accomplishing their stated goals secretly over time.

Can you say, "Hegelian Dialectic?"

Is the case of Ergun Caner really a classic case of false flag operations by our U.S. military (and CIA?) to use Dr. Caner as a provocateur, fomenting opposition among our marines in the Middle Eastern theater. I say, may it never be! But I suspect they did.

I guess false teachers wear many hats (and uniforms). Just a theory...

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Sometimes, we just need to hear the gospel again.

An other-worldly respite is found somewhere beyond our circumstances in the place of rest found in Jesus the Messiah, the Savior of sinners like you and me.

Right now, I am listening to Faith Talk 1360. James MacDonald is preaching on our need to escape the rat race of life in this world and find our rest and hope in the person of Christ Jesus.

The message is called, "Reality Check About Spiritual Formation, Part 2." It is part of the series called, "Reality Check: Find the Hope When Life is Hardest - A Study in 1 Peter."

It seems like I need to hear this now. Dr. Jesus the Great Physician knows what I need before I ask! Thank you, Jesus.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Just for the sake of blogging, I am typing this post with absolutely no plan in place, no format in mind or forethought as to what I want to post here.

What do you think so far? Cue the funeral dirge...

I am, however, listening to (and sometimes watching) a YouTube from Alpha & Omega Ministries called The Dividing Line. Today is a sick day. Although I am feeling well enough to blog, I am not feeling well enough to go to work... anywhere... today...

I am on an Alpha & Omega binge today. It began this past Saturday and continues today.

Okay, I'll go ahead and embed it here:

I blog, therefore I am. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Watching this debate is a great way to expose oneself to the art and science of Biblical interpretation known as hermeneutics. I found this video on YouTube of a "spirited" debate between Trinitarians (Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown) and non-Trinitarians (Sir Anthony Buzzard and Joseph Good).

It is really quite good. I used to watch Jewish Voice Broadcast on KPAZ Channel 21 (Trinity Broadcasting Network) years ago. I also remember watching Joseph Good on TBN in the early 90's. These programs were quite influential on my formative years as a Christian.

Finally, it is also refreshing to see the Holy Spirit work so well through the scholarly and debate-worthy teamwork of Drs. Brown and White (very colorful indeed). I used to listen to Dr. White, in the late 90's, on KPXQ 1360 AM.

Sadly, the skeptical nature of the non-Trinitarian side leaves much to be desired with its "pretzel logic" of unbelief in the otherwise obvious doctrine of the Deity of Christ. It is a non-issue for true believers. I can only hope that these men are more than "almost persuaded" (Acts 26:28) of this.

Curiously, I could not find this video debate on Jewish Voice Today's YouTube channel. But I did find it originally on MuslimByChoice ! Very interesting indeed.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for watching this debate. God bless you.