Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here we go again. The people who want absolutely nothing to be done about illegal immigration are crying foul (what else can they do?) once again. And the rest of us are relieved that some of our leaders (and most of our citizens) are for such reforms as have been advanced lately by our governor and elected representatives in Arizona. We are indeed thankful.

I am sure you have either heard, read, or seen reports about Arizona leading the charge to protect our borders because the Federal government hasn't! I was recently reminded that people who migrate back and forth in search of work are called "migrants," as opposed to "immigrants," who stay put in their new digs. The need for such drastic reform is obvious to all. Witness the recent killing of a Douglas rancher and the ongoing drug cartel war spilling across the border into our land!

I am momentarily listening to Sean Hannity on the radio, and have been encouraged by the public discourse regarding Arizona's actions of late. But I am especially encouraged by the show of support from many conservative voices whom I generally trust to defend justice and mercy (Micah 6:8).

Although my knowledge of this law is limited now, I intend to remedy that. It is, as far as I can tell, a good thing. I feel protected, although I sympathize with those immigrants who simply did whatever they could to get here and start a new and better life. God bless them. But we have to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps a compromise is in order. Let us see what happens.

I am willing to hear both sides, but I only have so much tolerance for the shrill, socialistic rants of mindless nonsense that clouds the issue. Does not a sovereign nation have the right to protect itself from clear and present danger to its citizens?

Yes. I say, "Right here, right now," to borrow a phrase from Mr. Hannity's program announcer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, I've done it: I've taken the plunge and, at least for this entry today, changed the font to ... Verdana!!!

I am flabbergasted at the amount of stuff you have to know in order to publish a web page, let alone edit it!

Now I will publish this post. As you can see, the program-- not I -- changed the font back to whatever it was before.

Wait! I've been ripped off! The font on the published blog did not change!!! What gives, Blogger? What gives, Google?

Ad fontes! To the source (from the Reformation)!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As part of our ongoing efforts to secure a prominent position in the social networking industry, we here at Worldview Window have slightly revised our overall appearance to reflect that commitment.

"We here...?" That would be me. A truly presumptuous comment to say the least. But fun.

Now, what to call this blog post. Hmmm...