Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As an added benefit to blogging, you can "bookmark" a great link to some content which you think you will revisit later by posting it.

Today's blog post is a link to an audio file I am playing as I type this. It is a sermon by David Curtis on Mark 13:26-27 called "Christ's Cloud Coming."

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, intrepid readers of other people's blogs (OPB), it is with no small measure of concern that I post this the latest tragedy in American Christian theology: the departure of another pastor from historic Christianity. It seems the vortex of universalist error created by you-know-who (Rob Bell) has sucked one more well-meaning victim of bad exegesis (interpretation drawn from Scripture) of John 3:16 into its lofty clutches.

Not wanting to name the pastor in this post, I refer you to the story with the link here.

And here: "Who's In Hell? Pastor's Criticism of Eternal Torment for Some Sparks Fierce Debate" (FoxNews)

I deduce from this and other stories lately in my daily perusal of the Internet that the popular meaning poured into John 3:16 is the cause for much misunderstanding of who God will save.

Let me try to summarize the argument for its proper exegesis: In this way, God demonstrated His love for all the nations of people: He gave His only begotten Son, that all those believing will not perish, but have eternal life.

I also think of Jesus' own words, "whosoever will may come," and this verse warrants exegesis as well. My preliminary investigation yielded "the" or "those" who are willing.  Watching the John 3:16 video will help you, as it did me, to remember the proper Biblical interpretation and avoid the temptation to think that God will save everyone, if only they will believe!

Not wanting to stir controversy or dissension, I think reinforcing our Scriptural knowledge is helpful for when challenges such as this come along.

Stay tuned.


In the parlance of Twitter, this would be a "re-tweet" -- a re-post of some very pertinent material to the reader at the moment. Such is this post: a quote from an initial reading of Kevin DeYoung's review of Rob Bell's book, "Love Wins." It drives the point home-- a nail, as it were, in the coffin of aberrant theology:

"The emerging church is not an evangelistic strategy. It is the last rung for evangelicals falling off the ladder into liberalism or unbelief."

(from DeYoung's "God Is Still Holy and What You Learned in Sunday School Is Still True: A Review of Love Wins by Rob Bell")
I must credit Pastor Jake Johnson of Redemption Church for this link.  He posted it in his blog.

A rising tide of response to the "bombshell" dropped by this high-profile, respected and much-followed theologian/pastor (Bell) is indeed coming and here.  I am glad to come across these responses from other equally respected pastors and commentators.

God's Word always wins.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Here is a video clip from the Israeli Defense Force on YouTube.  It is an example of the "eternal vigilance" by the IDF and their government to ensure the prevention of anti-Israel terrorism. 


Saturday, March 19, 2011


I just added some more content to my post about "Body vs. Bodies," regarding Philippians 3:20-21. You can read it here.


Well, the first thing to do when you confront your own personal "demons" of blog envy, blog addiction, and blog withdrawal (part of the solution) is to admit it. These categories of psychological dysfunction frequently manifest themselves as altruistic motives, artistic creativity, and literary license-- not to mention worldview promotion and awareness...

Did I say I was in recovery?

Anyway, the whole point of blogging is to find an outlet for your own literary creativity, and to publish it as a risky venture toward fame and fortune. But that's not why I blog!

No, siree. I blog because I am, because I can, and because I must (and should). It is the only sane means of digesting the zeitgeist (spirit of the age) around us, given the innumerable channels of communication which have opened up recently to the 21st century, new world citizen. It is where I find a safe place to wax eloquent when no one else is around.

When a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound if no ear is there to hear it?

Wait! I hear something...

Friday, March 18, 2011


I was pondering the Philippians passage (3:20-21)where Paul talks about "our lowly body" (not "bodies") and Christ's "glorious body." Thanks to Blogger's search box tool, I was able to "recall" where I had blogged about this-- particularly the phrase "lowly bodies."

I will post a link to that post here.


I know it's early to be blogging (7:34am).  But I got up early after a minor bout with asthma and a not-so-good night's sleep.  I have taken my supplements, natural remedies, and prescription meds. But I just had to blog about something!

So, here I go. It seems that every time I open Blogger, I get a different font in my blog title, namely, Worldview Window. I won't complain too much because as long as it's reasonably legible and stylish (to my liking), I will be fine with it.

Perhaps it is because I like the "new" Blogger so much that I find every opportunity to blog about something, even if it's nothing to blog about-- or blog at. Perhaps it is good practice. Perhaps it is not. One thing is certain: having run and walked a lot yesterday (for recreation and health), and having gotten a lot done for my parents and my car, I feel a little blogging is in order.

With that, I must get on with the day's business at hand, and continue in my venture for work in web design.

But first, the news...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


With all the hoopla in world events going on, I wonder how I might scratch the itch to blog today. Better leave the post till tomorrow. Otherwise I might be extracting my foot from my mouth in the morning.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well, my praises for Google's Chrome web browser must be tempered by my finding a quirk (a software glitch which creates a persistent irregularity in the graphical user interface) in its rendering of my blog today.

The blog's title ("Worldview Window") is rendered wider than its allotted header space.  No problem. I'll just reduce the size of the font and move on.

Not only that, but the tsunami video I posted earlier today will not load now in Chrome. 

Oh , well.



For the record, let me throw my vote out there for Mr. Donald Trump, entrepreneur extraordinaire and tough-talking patriot. He puts his money where his mouth is. He is not all rhetoric. He has "gotten it done" in the business world. He is willing to back the military financially and "build the United States."

With words like these, I find myself secretly hoping he can get it done. If I am wrong, I am wrong. But a commoner like me can dream of a better national future with a leader with intestinal (and other) fortitude, can he not?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I want to "vent" today because I feel my "dream"/career aspirations of learning and doing well in web design and other computer programming possibilities is being threatened by my own fear of man.

Do I ever get tired of doing the right thing? May it never be.  But I am haunted by the specter of employment in the same venues as I have been in. Not that I have been in appalling conditions by any standard, but certainly comfortable. 

I do not wish to ruminate indefinitely about my vocation. But web design is a particularly viable option if I am willing to go there. It answers to every rational conclusion as to why or why not. 

One reason among many is that I relish the thought of self-employment. Perhaps it is a selfish desire, a backlash, if you will, against the economic uncertainty of the times we live in. But it is never a bad idea.

The question is, is it right for me? The answer scares me.  I hope it is.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


How could I not introduce a new blog post on this same subject (see last post) without inserting a corny title? You know me better than that.

Well, I just wanted to blog in Chrome because it does such a wonderful job of not screwing up the formatting like IE9RC (see previous post) !!! Sorry, my impartiality slipped a little there.


This is a test post to see if Internet Explorer 9 (Release Candidate 9.0.8080.16413, to be exact :) allows me (yet) to "bold" my font on blogger.com. It seemed like the last time I used IE9, certain formatting buttons would not function at all, or incorrectly.

Well, I'm giving IE9RC another shot! Wow, it works!!! OK, I had to use the keyboard.

Now let's try underlining...yup. OK, I had to use the keyboard again. If I use the formatting buttons here on Blogger, IE9RC causes the cursor to jump to another location and skip formatting altogether. Some release candidate! Just kidding (sort of).

Colored font? Here is the key: Select the color you want before typing. You cannot select text to change its color after you have typed it. Done!

Here is the scoop in a nutshell: Color your font before typing when using IE9RC. You can select text after typing to bold, italicize, and underline-- but not color. This is for IE9 only!  Clear? Also, consider the background color(s) of your blog. This may cause difficulty reading too similar or clashing colored font/backgrounds.

My other concern is seeing all of my previous posts for the last 7-ish years in this template! Whoa! Can I read all of it? We'll see...

IE9RC is quirky. I just tried formatting this text with the buttons: no go. Keyboard shortcuts work, however. This combination of functionality/nonfunctionality can be frustrating. Go back to Chrome (http://chrome1.net/), et al, for this quirk to be non-existent.

Questions? Comments. Have a nice session!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


All right, the planets have lined up once again, prompting me (somehow) to blog-- just like my twin brother! The trick about blogging is getting to the point where you feel strongly enough about something to want to blog (i.e., write online in your own personal forum). Somehow, by God's grace, that inspiration of sorts carries you through the end of the post (blog entry).

After changing (improving) the appearance of this blog recently-- by way of Blogger's new templates and features (thank you, HTML5 and CSS3!!!)--I felt compelled and inspired to write... er, I mean, blog about something.

I think it would be a good idea if, before the end of this post, I reveal to you, dear reader, what that something is. But I digress.


Monday, March 7, 2011


It is a dangerous thing to blog without a point, a reason to vent, a source of inspiration. Why?  Because, on a day like today, when it is more of a diary than a blog, I may engage in self-talk rather than a discussion, as it were.

Kind of like hitting a few tennis balls around...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, I just watched said-video (see previous post below). I cannot embed it here, so you will have to (or, you may want to) watch it over there.

Let me just conclude by quoting what I find to be a hilariously funny description by Justin Taylor (author of said blog in previous post) of Rob Bell as being "studiously ambiguous in terminology." Having seen his videos in meetings at church, I can fully attest to this unvarnished truth! I have never read or heard a better way to describe his teaching style.

That is a classic case of an intellectually honest assessment. Justin is being charitable here, as we all should be. That is the hilarity of it! Rather than engaging in emotional name-calling, Taylor calls it like he and most people see it.

Thanks, Justin.


Holy cow! (A good former Roman Catholic can say that guiltlessly.)  But I digress.

I want to state somehow the vast importance of Internet communication, particularly social networking (Twitter, Facebook, email, and blogs).  This is how many beliefs are discovered, cultivated, and, when necessary, abandoned.

Here is the path I followed to find a seismic issue brewing among the Christian community in real life and cyberspace: universalism. Not only that, but a universalism seemingly promoted if not taught or embraced by a leading preacher in the Christian world: Rob Bell.

I am not willingly engaging in name-dropping/name-calling or whatever. But I feel I am standing on good, solid ground when I post these links to show you how I found a very hot issue - hell - at the very core of his and others' error, namely, that there is no such thing.

I want to retrace my "steps" from my email alert that my income tax return had been accepted, and that I could "tweet" and "Facebook" my glee for all the world to see how TaxACT Online got me there!

Naturally, I clicked on both links, the one leading to Facebook, and the other leading to... Twitter! Here, I found among my tweets one from someone who posted a link to "The Lesson of David Swing." This blog post is about false teaching in the church, and has a link to "information" about Rob Bell being, or showing signs of being, a universalist-- one who embaces the false doctrine that no one goes to hell, and everyone goes to Heaven. So the gospel is an exercise in fertility?

Now, this article riveted my attention! It is found in the Gospel Coalition blog, and has updates at the end which shed more light (see Updates 2 and 3 at the bottom of it). It also includes a video of Rob Bell saying things which made (and make) many a knowledgeable Christian sit up and take note, though not in a good way-- but in an alarming way!

I have yet to watch the video. I will do so now and comment forthcoming...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am seriously considering changing the name of this blog to "Worldview Legacy" because:
  1. No one reads this blog.
  2. ...and number two, this blog will be up here on the "Internets" forever!!!
With that said, let me parenthetically express my dismay that Internet Explorer did not allow my toolbar in Blogger.com to function correctly, to wit, embolden my font! Well, I just closed IE and opened Google Chrome instead! Fine.

As I was saying, this blog is turning into a legacy, what with almost seven years of posting goin' on, I can't help but think I'm onto something!

God bless and save the Internet in its totality!