Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The thing about blogging is, if you try to say something noteworthy or profound, you end up with writer's block--or worse, nothing at all to say.

I blog for the sheer joy of it-- not because of any accolades (real or imagined) that I may garner; not because of a vast readership (one: me); but because I can!

There you have it, a blog post to rival that of Hugh Hewitt! Not.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I was wondering why we buy books, when the Internet is so much more convenient. We can browse page after page of text and graphics instantly. Why waste precious money? I heard one radio commentator say his bookcase was a "shrine" to old media (i.e., books, etc.)

Well, whenever I say, "Well," that usually means I am about to engage in some thoughtful summarizing or speculation. Actually, it just means I'm tired of pursuing that line of thought and would like to move on to something else, especially since I have nothing else to do at the moment. But I digress.

Books have a certain appeal that reaches a tangible need in our lives, that of physical interaction with the universe (solid matter). Book Technology, per se, is almost "as old as the hills, and twice as dusty." They possess a lasting, enduring quality of life all to themselves, a product of human and machine (witness Gutenburg's press).

Another appealing aspect of books is their legacy. Authors live and die, but their words still speak. In the Bible's book of Hebrews, chapter eleven, verse four says, "And through his [Abel's] faith, though he died, he still speaks." This speaks primarily of God's people leaving a legacy of faith, as well as of good works (see James 2:14-26). 

In books we may find a legacy of good works encapsulated in a good testimony. Of course, no one except God is perfect. But for now we have His Book (the Bible) and those of others who have followed Him faithfully. We may also witness the testimony of unbelievers who did not follow Christ, both in the Bible and outside of it, as a warning to us who do not wish to repeat their demise.

As I said earlier, I can wind up this discussion by saying, "Well," and summarizing my comments with a cliche such as, "Read any good books lately?"

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Q. How would you like to waste a whole bunch of precious bandwidth--and feed your ego--all at the same time?

Well, now you can!

Just go start a blog somewhere and blam! You'll be typing nonsense with the rest of us blogheads.

Q. How can I dedicate so much free time to such a self-serving activity as blogging?

It's simple: you can!

Here is an unsolicited link to Live365.com. Try listening to a plethora of radio genres and see what "free" will get you!

Back to what I was blogging about. With so much creative freedom, and a healthy dose of caffeine and chocolate, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!!! Why, you can type yourself into such a fit of delusional grandeur that you'll wonder why no media moguls have yet discovered your otherwise-hidden talent for pointless prose.

Ah, but there's the rub! Without a point, perhaps you need to visit sites like WorldMag.com or WorldNet Daily (wnd.com).

That's all for now.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I have to apologize to my readers for misleading them. I stated in the previous two entries' titles, "San Diego."  Well, actually I was still in Arizona when I snapped these photos. But they were taken on the way to San Diego!!!

Never fear. I plan to post some REAL photos of San Diego in an upcoming post.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Blogger.com is messing with me. Every time I try to insert a new photo image into the article, it sticks it on top, NOT WHERE I WANT IT!!!

Okay, here is another picture, Lord willing.

LESSON NUMBER ONE: Blogger puts it at the top of the page...always!

Now here is an experiment. I will keep typing until I feel sufficiently far away from the above image to safely insert another one. Nope. Not feelin' it.



I thought total strangers and others would like to see my photos of a trip to San Diego.

Here is the sunset on the way up there. Now mind you that on Blogger.com, I can textwrap around this picture. But it remains to be seen whether it will keep pushing the image downscreen, or ju...yep. It does.

The key is to hit the down-arrow until you see the insertion point alongside the photo, like this. Then start typing all you want to, until you see the blinking cursor/insertion point start over on the left side of the page again.

I love explaining things because it helps me to understand them better.

Okay, next picture.