Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Today's post bears an irresistible pun in its title. I wish to congratulate Abdul Rahman on emigrating to Italy to flee a death sentence, either by the Court or by Islamic vigilantes, for becoming, by the grace of God, a Christian.

It is only in America, and in other places where Christians enjoy a measurable degree of freedom to worship and serve God, that we can openly rejoice when God provides an escape from an impossible situation. Hallelujah!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I thought I might live-blog American Idol tonight. Everyone is singing Stevie Wonder songs, so it should be a good night.

1) Ace Young: I agreed with Randy Jackson--it was a so-so performance.

2) Kellie Pickler: Wow! All three judges sent her packing with a less than stellar performance rating.

3) Elliot Yamin: He sang very well.

4) Mandisa: She looks extremely poised and confident. Her singing is not spot-on notewise at the beginning of her song, but it sounded pretty good otherwise. Simon liked it! So did Paula. Randy didn't.

5) Bucky Covington: So far, so good. He's putting in a good performance. Randy liked it! Simon says, the hair must go! Otherwise, he gives it a thumbs up. Paula agreed with Randy.

6) Melissa McGhee: Beautiful girl. Good voice (Randy: she has "the pipes.").

7) Lisa Tucker: Looks good. Sounds very good. She could be a lock. Signed, sealed, and delivered!

8) Kevin Covais: Surprisingly good. Simon said it was "appalling." I totally disagree. I saw a good performance from someone you would not expect to be so stage-friendly and relatively cool. Good job!

9) Katharine McPhee: She has a better than average Idol voice.

10) Taylor Hicks: My favorite male singer this competition. Simon, as usual, delivered his barb/compliment, making it unanimous.

11) Paris Bennett: Good performance. All three agree!

12) Chris Daughtry: He was as good as, if not better than, Taylor Hicks.

That's it! Bedtime.