Saturday, May 4, 2019


Southern gospel music, that is.

Recently, I discovered <<< GO THERE!

...and its companion radio station player, "All Southern Gospel Radio."

That's right. Southern Gospel music. 24/7. 365. Forever...

Are you tired (as I am) of the usual, commercially driven Christian music we hear everywhere? 

No offense intended to the vast and varied multitude of musically gifted people who make life beautiful with their fine work.

But... I NEED THEOLOGY! Beautiful, happy, down home, soul-refreshing Christian (Biblical) theology, set to music. We have it, in REAL southern gospel music! You're welcome.

Praise the Lord, and TURN IT UP !!!

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Well, it looks to me like we have ourselves an Attorney General, folks! A kinder, gentler opponent of the Left could not be found. Anywhere. I have preserved both parts of the proceedings' video here.



Perhaps I will produce further commentary later. But suffice it to say, there are not enough words in the English language to describe the sheer hostility and anger of the Left towards this man -- which means Trump appointed the RIGHT MAN !!!

Nor are there enough accolades to shower upon AG Barr, and those who supportively interviewed him in this Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, without the insanely illogical and slanderous rhetoric spewing relentlessly from the Democrat side of the aisle!

God bless America! Bigly.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Well, in the interest of my latest motivation, which is reading Puritan literature, I felt led to post about the activity of reading, particularly the Reformed Christian doctrines of grace.

So, therefore, I am posting a link to the Banner of Truth here, mainly because of their latest article's headline: "Why Christians Must Be Readers."

 OK... Now for my confession. I have not read the above-linked article in its entirety!

I have, however, read enough of the highlights, and some paragraphs, to know it was exactly what I was thinking about: i.e., the importance and necessity for thinking Christians to strengthen and build up themselves in their most holy faith by feeding their eyes/ears/minds/hearts/souls with sound doctrine, as it was expounded by those spiritual giants whom God has ordained to be our predecessors.

Yes, as a matter of fact, that was one sentence!

Anyhow, I hope you are now able to think about thinking God's thoughts after Him by reading literature that has been universally recognized in theological, scholarly circles as having the weight and merit of divine approval when seriously compared with Holy Writ!

Wow! You now have those resources at your disposal. Start digging! Heavenly manna awaits your shovel and wheelbarrow...

Monday, January 14, 2019


How about a blog post about nothing?

That modus operandi was already attempted successfully by one Jerry Seinfeld of prime time sitcom (and rerun) fame. Look it up. But I digress.

The purpose of said blog post is primarily to drive that annoying (previous) post from eons past -- i.e., October 30 downward, so that I will not have to keep seeing it! How about you? Are you as motivated as I am to keep going?

I thought so.

Now, with that said (what did I say, anyway?), allow me to mention here the supreme importance of the knowledge of God (Romans 11:33). As I am typing right now, RefNet is playing in another tab (you tech-savvy geniuses will know what I mean by that). An online Christian resource such as this one is indispensible to any believer's spiritual health! Go there...

Finally, how about a nice, big screenshot? Yes, that's the ticket.

There... My aforementioned purpose has been fulfilled (see paragraph three above).

Now, go and do thou likewise!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Since the user has removed this video (see below), PLEASE VISIT HIS WEBSITE instead !!!

You may also visit his YouTube channel, "Global News," here: 

I hope you realize how important this man really is to solving the world's problems


Now, of course, no human being is perfect -- no matter how right he or she may be! Take everything with a grain of salt. But watch, listen, and learn. And be blessed by real solutions!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Today, I am sharing a huge SOLUTION to an annoying issue with the new Brave browser not opening in Linux Mint (for example). This article assumes you have successfully installed Brave on your system and cannot open the fool thing to save your life! You've tried EVERYTHING those forums recommended and...

So, without further ado, here is my step-by-step process:

1. OPEN a Nemo file system explorer window.

2. SEARCH for "chrome-sandbox."

3. RIGHT-CLICK the result (highlighted above) which is located in the /home/peter/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/Windows/dosdevices/z:/opt/google/chrome folder. This contains the all-important /opt/google/chrome folder. On my system, this was buried inside a virtual drive, which may or may not be the case in your situation. Also, please disregard those other search results in the graphic, as they were created by me later.

4. From the context menu, choose "Open containing folder."

5. RIGHT-CLICK on any blank space inside the new Nemo window to open a context menu, and choose "Open as Root." This will elevate your privileges and enable you to copy this program (shown below) to its destination folder.

4. COPY the chrome-sandbox icon (shown above) with Ctrl+C or right-click and copy.

5. OPEN a new Nemo window and search for Brave. Find the result for "brave" under the Program type (see below) and RIGHT-CLICK it. This will bring up a context menu, where you will choose "Open containing folder."

6. RIGHT-CLICK on any blank space inside the new Nemo window to open a context menu, and choose "Open as Root." This will enable you to PASTE the chrome-sandbox program you just copied into the /usr/lib/brave folder.

7. Open the Brave browser. 

Enjoy. Repeat... Let me know if this works !!! Thanks.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Good morning/evening/day!

If you have an inkling of desire to have business success (and don't we all?), then you need to watch this (and many more) video! Brian Tracy is the indisputable king (in my opinion) of sales and business success, personal development, and excellent life skills no one learns the first time around the education track.

By the way, I have a page on this blog dedicated to your and my SUCCESS!

So, now is your chance to catch a fast hour of jam-packed business and personal success education! And no more exclamation points! For now.

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


See my previous two posts for the ongoing saga of my computer being hijacked by someone (?) in the Netherlands.

Now when I try using Yahoo search or mail, I get a similar request for cookie permissions or country authorization required to continue using Google/Yahoo/whoever's services!

Here is a screenshot:

Notice the Dutch language everywhere! The ".nl" (Netherlands) in the URL top level domain (country of origin) for the Google Translate server!

Last, but definitely not least, one more screenshot of this Dutch takeover of my computer (just mine?):

Just trying to post on my blog yields this persistent request for cookie permissions. Give me a break!

For the record, clicking on the "Learn More" button above links to a legitimate page called Google Privacy & Terms.

HELP! There is a leak in zee dike! Seriously.

All of this seems to be connected with a corporate technology network powered by a company named Oath, which comes up when certain of these links are clicked on.

Thanks for visiting... I think.


So, this Netherlands business has gotten out of hand. Why do I keep having to permit cookies from the Netherlands in order to allow me to continue using their services (including Google Blogger and other Google services)?

Apparently, they still think I won't permit this. Maybe I shouldn't!

I'm still trying to figure that out...

In any event, here is a screenshot:

Notice the obnoxious gray bar across my beautiful blog! Dutch reads:
Deze site gebruikt cookies van Google om services te leveren en verkeer te analyseren. Je IP-adres en user-agent worden met Google gedeeld, samen met prestatie- en beveiligingsstatistieken om servicekwaliteit te garanderen, gebruiksstatistieken te genereren, misbruik te detecteren en maatregelen te treffen.

What? No sprokken zie Deutch? Nein. But I digress. The English translation is:
This site uses Google's cookies to provide services and analyze traffic. Your IP address and user agent are shared with Google, along with performance and security statistics to ensure service quality, generate usage statistics, detect abuse and take action.
This is starting to sound legitimate! Like an EU takeover. Am I being conspiratorial? You bet.

Stay tuned.

Monday, May 28, 2018



This is "one of those things" indeed.

I logged into my blog, as usual, and found an annoying popup banner persisting over the top of my blog! Well, you can imagine my concern when it was written in Dutch, and was requesting my permission to allow their "services" to use cookies on my computer, yada, yada, yada...

I say "Dutch" because the new URL says ".nl" instead of ".com." I presume NL stands for Netherlands.

Plus, my efforts to visit redirect my address bar to ... every time!

So, long story short, I "OKed" this transition out of cautious skepticism... Now all I have to do is OK the cookies permission inside the English dialog popup. I guess.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


This is a test post for embedding a sermon from!

The greatest sermon on revival ever preached.


Good day. I hope this blog post finds you well -- or at least well enough to consider the eternal state of your soul.

If you are saved by the Blood of the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world, the One Who came to save HIS people from THEIR sins, then you are in a good place spiritually.

But if you are not saved, you are already condemned to Hell! The only alternative available to you at this point in your life is to hear the gospel, repent of your own sins, and live by faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Where is the gospel? It is found in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. It is woven throughout the Bible, especially the New Testament. The New Testament fulfills the Old Testament!

God made a covenant (testament) with mankind in the Garden of Eden. Man broke that covenant by disobeying God's command to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Therefore, God condemned mankind for posterity to a life of sin and misery, and ultimately to eternal judgement of wrath and torment in Hell forever.

That is the bad news. The gospel is the good news! In this life, you have the opportunity to get right with God, reverse the curse of sin in your life by trusting Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins (see the Ten Commandments for starters on what sin is).

This video is a beautiful example of "open air preaching," where people who are called by God to appeal to the masses in public squares of sinful and immoral activity passionately and boldly plead with sinners to repent of their sins through the proclamation of Bible verses giving life to the spiritually dead who are walking the broad way to Hell!