Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well, in scouring the Internet (because, in another sense, it needs it), I came across this video by talkshow host Dennis Prager on Now keep in mind that Mr. Prager is Jewish by heritage and religious tradition, so he does not "toe the line" as closely as born-again Christians (the only kind there are). But his belief in God and moral values is admirable.

I posted this video because once in a while a high-profile political (or in this case, educational) figure says some things that are downright right. 

I would substitute "God's providence" for "luck" in one of his comments. But that's forgivable since he has not been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. THAT IS SOMETHING I PRAY HAPPENS TO HIM AND TO ALL WHO READ THIS. 

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JIm S said...

Seems to me that many people listening to this would think that Professor Prager is implying that we are a Judeo-Christian nation..... but listen closely. He says all are welcome regardless of race, color or CREED. The true God does indeed give us inalienable rights but in this country you do not have to believe in Him to have those rights. I think God honors a nation that gives people the right to choose what religious beliefs they hold because He Himself does not force anyone to believe in Him.