Thursday, November 23, 2006


One of my favorite activities, or inactivities if you consider sitting at a computer inactive, is to listen online to any of a number of favorite audio clips of music, sermons, lectures, or internet radio.

At the moment, I have RC Sproul on's Flash Player, talking about Thanksgiving Day in our history as a nation and country. I consulted my Microsoft Encarta Dictionary for the difference between "country" and "nation." Country can refer to either the geographical area containing a political body of people, or to the people in that country (e.g., the whole country supported him). But nation refers to the people in that country. This is my humble, educated opinion.

Well, today finds me at my desktop window to the digital world, hunting and pecking out a spontaneous message to the vast reaches of cyberspace, a work of cyberprose to fellow bloggers abiding anonymously in the blogosphere. As you can see, I am quite capable of stretching an otherwise short blog post out to infinity, or at least nausea.

I feel it is imperative that I somehow at this point summarize my argument(s) and conclude this meandering entry into the digital blue yonder and say, Thanks for humoring this blogger.

Blog on!
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