Saturday, November 4, 2006


How do you like my new template? It's called "Denim." Blogger Beta offers new templates, so I chose this one. I always view improvements, no matter how small, as God's grace on a fallen world (Where Blogs Are Condemned to Stay The Same Forever).

Just kidding. I have no intention of "STAYING THE SAME". No sir. Not this kid. Not me. Uh-uh. Nope. Foggetaboddit.

Whew! How many negations was that? Too many. Well, I'm turning over a new template. I hope you like it. Too bad if you don't. I figure if I like it, you'll like it. We have too many self-serving bloggers out there who won't even ask their readership if they like it!

Now would be a good time for a shameless plug. You know, a hyperlink that will take you to a heretofore unknown-to-you website where you can see/hear/purchase something that will improve your life. Ah, we're back to "improvements" again. O the grace of God.

Anyway, I could steer you to a whole website full of outstanding, phenomenal, conservative, right-wing, Republican columns and blogs, articles and what-not. And like those blogs, I can hide the web address in a word ever so inconspicuously. It's more fun (so goes the wisdom) to mouse over the link to see the address before you click on it. Another minor improvement on the blogosphere, and cyberspace in general.

Well, I've wasted another block of cyber real estate to communicate with a vast, unimaginable readership of screen zombies. Oh, how I love to sound like Ann Coulter! She can slice wits with the best of them.

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