Saturday, November 11, 2006


Okay, so this is another post to celebrate my ongoing maintenance of blog cred (weblog credibility, for the unwashed masses). I listen to Hugh Hewitt on the radio, and occasionally he uses the term "street cred" (credibility), for example. I have been trying to post blog entries, but Google's Beta Blogger (not beta blocker), or Blogger Beta, was having difficulty completing the task. So here I am again...posting up.

I am a happy surfer since I've discovered how to purchase and download songs from the Internet, using either iTunes, Windows Media Player's URGE, or Real Player. My, life is happy (not gay) once again, as I can fill the airwaves immediately surrounding my computer (and myself) with sounds of my choice. I am hereon no longer beholden and enslaved to the programming whims of complete strangers (and ninnies) who have no concept of what I like or deem appropriate for my listening pleasure.

For example, I have downloaded and played the theme song from The Pink Panther, songs from Mary Poppins, and listened to bluegrass gospel music! What fun! Makes me wonder what will motivate me to turn the TV back on. Probably boredom.

I urge everyone to purchase music this way. It's so much cheaper than buying a whole album, many of the songs on which I may not particularly like. But, avast, now there's legalized piracy!

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