Saturday, June 4, 2005


Well, I did learn to switch browsers when I was not able to post a new entry due to formatting errors in Opera. Here I am in Mozilla Firefox, typing away.

I titled today's post as such because I figured I would develop some sense of what I wanted to say while I was typing. At the commencement of any blog entry, it is helpful to have a good feel for what you want to say. This feeling will come and go. The fun part of blogging is thinking you are actually saying something worthwhile. Perhaps others will agree. Perhaps they won't.

Avoid excessive self-deprecation unless it is really, really funny. If you think it's funny, chances are, so will someone else. I say this because I resisted that temptation in the last paragraph. I rescued the point being made by avoiding EXCESSIVE use of negativity. I strive to say something worthwhile in a good humor.

I recommend listening to something online while blogging because it works in concert with what you want to say. Your mind is engaged in listening to the audio stream and in blogging. What a workout for the mind!

I should probably wind up the post. Who knows? I may change the title of my blog to Pete's Post.


LComeno said...

I use Opera too. Sucks it doesn't work with the blogs we do in here. I hope that changes soon. I detest using IE, which is the only other browser I had on here, only cause it comes with Windows. Thanks for the heads up about Mozilla, I'll go grab a copy. I had really forgotten how SLOW the web is when you use IE. LC

LComeno said...

Oh! Didn't notice you were from Phoenix too. Howdy neighbor and God Bless you. :)