Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I want to "vent" today because I feel my "dream"/career aspirations of learning and doing well in web design and other computer programming possibilities is being threatened by my own fear of man.

Do I ever get tired of doing the right thing? May it never be.  But I am haunted by the specter of employment in the same venues as I have been in. Not that I have been in appalling conditions by any standard, but certainly comfortable. 

I do not wish to ruminate indefinitely about my vocation. But web design is a particularly viable option if I am willing to go there. It answers to every rational conclusion as to why or why not. 

One reason among many is that I relish the thought of self-employment. Perhaps it is a selfish desire, a backlash, if you will, against the economic uncertainty of the times we live in. But it is never a bad idea.

The question is, is it right for me? The answer scares me.  I hope it is.
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