Friday, March 18, 2011


I know it's early to be blogging (7:34am).  But I got up early after a minor bout with asthma and a not-so-good night's sleep.  I have taken my supplements, natural remedies, and prescription meds. But I just had to blog about something!

So, here I go. It seems that every time I open Blogger, I get a different font in my blog title, namely, Worldview Window. I won't complain too much because as long as it's reasonably legible and stylish (to my liking), I will be fine with it.

Perhaps it is because I like the "new" Blogger so much that I find every opportunity to blog about something, even if it's nothing to blog about-- or blog at. Perhaps it is good practice. Perhaps it is not. One thing is certain: having run and walked a lot yesterday (for recreation and health), and having gotten a lot done for my parents and my car, I feel a little blogging is in order.

With that, I must get on with the day's business at hand, and continue in my venture for work in web design.

But first, the news...

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