Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, I just watched said-video (see previous post below). I cannot embed it here, so you will have to (or, you may want to) watch it over there.

Let me just conclude by quoting what I find to be a hilariously funny description by Justin Taylor (author of said blog in previous post) of Rob Bell as being "studiously ambiguous in terminology." Having seen his videos in meetings at church, I can fully attest to this unvarnished truth! I have never read or heard a better way to describe his teaching style.

That is a classic case of an intellectually honest assessment. Justin is being charitable here, as we all should be. That is the hilarity of it! Rather than engaging in emotional name-calling, Taylor calls it like he and most people see it.

Thanks, Justin.

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Anonymous said...

Glidt. At least you have one reader! My blog (dialog, and site) has become my diary. :) Sometimes I don't even read it.