Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our old buddy Harold Camping is at it again, and again, and again...

It seems he has admitted "mathematical error" in his calculations for the end-of-the-world effective date, as usual.    Oh, but he has found out that the world will end October 21... maybe.  He could be wrong (again), you know.

If it were not for these and all the other ne'er-do-wells in the world today, we would be a sorry lot-- bored out of our minds, with nearly perfect lifestyles and overflowing self-righteousness. Thanks, Mr. Camping, for giving us, Christians and non-Christians alike, something to talk about. Really!

But I digress. False teachers and crooked salesmen always repeat themselves, using different words. They inspire, in an unfavorable way, "the rest of us" to  look hard at ourselves and our beliefs in order to come up with something more solid than the thin air of falsehood that almost-- or already has -- sucked us in.

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