Friday, March 12, 2010


If fraud had a face, it might look something like James Sikes, the California real estate agent who has a shady financial past and a dubious reputation for such things as his latest escapade: scamming Toyota.

Witness the article on him on I was mildly angered by the apparent duplicity in his account of what happened when his Toyota Prius' gas pedal supposedly got stuck at 94 mph on a San Diego freeway.

As a veteran of reading news stories and driving, and that would describe most thinking adults, I doubt the veracity of such an incredible story because the most obvious remedy was not exercised: throw the stick shift into neutral! This was suggested by someone, and his response was, "You had to be there..."

Really? We weren't there. But you were.

"Twenty-three minutes later," according to the article, he was guided by a police officer safely to a stop. I have to wonder if this is not another scam by Mr. Sikes attempting to recover from his financial losses. I don't doubt his desperation, but I have to wait and see if this really happened.

Sorry if I'm wrong. But I have to say it sounds like a scam.
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