Saturday, September 2, 2006


I have been thinking about this blogging thing. You know, how it works and doesn't work, depending on your savvy of navigational skills. I like to just post (compose, edit, critique, publish, repeat) and post. It really forces you to think and use your creative imagination, to get the proverbial "juices flowing." Feedback from reality (the monitor) is the best kind. Nothing like reading your work before and after publishing it!

Well, it seems I have a few ideas about how to better experience blogging at its best. I have a few writing and literary skills (real and imagined) which I like to use when I'm typing my blog posts (or journal entries). One thing I'm finding to be very important is formatting, i.e. not rambling from one topic to another in the same paragraph. One thought per paragraph, please! Large clusters of miscellany are hard to read, in my humble opinion. By the way, did you notice I typed out those oft-used phrases in text messaging, IMHO and BTW? Ah, English.

I also was thinking about individual posts, how composing them one at a time according to train of thought (or threads, if you will) would increase my chances of knowing what the heck I'm talking about in any given post. I may be over-analyzing this thing, but it's fun. I call it "pipelining", or lining up the posts, as I start and finish them out of sequence and publish them when I'm satisfied with their overall quality. This might help fight blog fatigue, which is the enemy of focused writing.

As I said, focus and fatigue are enemies. You may feel like rambling on and on about virtually everything once you've caught the blog bug. But knowing where to draw the line is very important. The philosophical ramifications of this are almost boundless. Notice how I said "almost boundless" because only God is infinite. But the next dog you see chasing its tail, ask whether it has learned anything or come to any conclusions.

Speaking of conclusions, here's one.
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