Monday, September 4, 2006


Regarding Ligonier Ministries' new website, I found a plethora of issues using Internet Explorer to visit it. Briefly, the website's functionality was fraught with problems. For example:

  • The video player... didn't!
  • The archive list in the media player (Adobe Flash Player) had no text, just lines and colors.
  • The sound quality of Adobe Flash Player seemed inferior to Windows Media Player.

On the positive side, I found that using another browser (Opera) corrected the issues of functionality, not quality. I don't mind using Adobe Flash Player, except that I have to wait for the whole clip to play before I can pause it, because the player is buffering throughout the first play. If I pause before then, it automatically starts over. After that, I can use it like Windows Media Player (i.e. navigate in and out of the clip). Also, I don't have a progress bar until the entire clip is buffered. Just a little info for the prospective user.

If you're a Christian, this is a great website. If you're not, I pray that you become one.

I will visit it again to see if Internet Explorer still has those issues with the website. Happy surfing.
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