Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Out of sheer and utter boredom, or some kind of inspired mundanity, I will post a link to Safari, Apple's web browser par excellence.

When a web browser outperforms your expectations, generally speaking, you want to recommend it to the world. That's what blogs are for.

Yet, for some odd reason, while I was composing this post and simultaneously downloading the latest versions of Safari and iTunes/QuickTime together (you know how Apple does it), my Safari browser crashed and/or closed itself before I could finish this post. How rude!

[I found out later that Windows shut down Safari due to an executable file which turned out to be harmless as far as I can tell.]

Well, not to be denied, I had to restart my download and resume posting. Fun, fun, fun...

It looks like my progress meter is showing that Safari is done downloading and iTunes/QT is in progress. Sometimes--somehow--technology and the great minds behind it redeem themselves quite admirably. Or it could be that I'm in an unusually good mood today. A combination of both is my humble assessment. Nevertheless, I credit the Holy Spirit with this one for sure.

It is a slow download, but I am in the mood to wait and learn in the meantime of other things online.

May the God of the Bible grant you deliverance from any heaviness and worry resulting from this economic nightmare we are living under. I pray for His peace and comfort in you today in His Son Jesus Christ's name, amen.

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