Monday, July 23, 2007


Well, intrepid readers, I have rediscovered Big Band music, that brand of jazz that early twentieth-century Americans (and others) love. It is quite nostalgic and heart-warming to listen to and read about the Big Band era and its legion of musicians who created a style and sound of music unique and truly America. Born out of the Great Depression and World War II, big band captures the heart and soul of America as it was coming through some very hard and dark times in the world. Music was a major means of escaping, if only through the ears, mind, and heart, from the big bad world.

Every generation of people needs its artistic expression to overcome the evils of Satan's kingdom. I'm not saying big band--or any other--music is particularly evil or good. But music that does not in its primary focus glorify God, as does music by Christians, is sinful. However, in the overall economy of God's common grace which He sheds upon all, music can be seen in its broader context of glorifying God. In a Christian worldview, all things glorify God, because God will not allow anything or anyone to rob Him of the glory due to His Name. He will put down ALL pride which thinks otherwise.

Hence, the Christian can see God's grace in all things. Even big band music.
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