Friday, July 22, 2011


What is cold-blogging? Maybe another way to say it is "blogging blind." It's when you start out to compose a blog post without first looking at your blog to get a feel for what it looks like or says that day. Yes, it is that easy to forget what you blogged about the day before-- or even earlier that day, but not likely.

I do want to get back to my discussion of what Dr. James White (and others) say about preterism (and preterists). Suffice it to say I will get back to his comments, which I disagree with because I am a Christian who believes what he believes.  The exception is that the "Second Coming of Christ" already happened, but not in the classic, mainstream, doctrinally popular way.

I really hate to be a kill-joy, a stick in the mud, a contrarian (well, sometimes), and a "heretic."  It's not fun to be anathematized, condemned, and warned about falling away (especially when you don't even want to).

Gee whiz, futurists, lighten up!  The more you guys (futurists) condemn us preterists, the more we want to flee the "crackling thorns" (Ecclesiastes 7:6) of your criticism.

Another sense in which I am "cold-blogging" or blogging "blind" is that I intend to complete this blog entry and  post it without previewing it using Google Blogger's cool Preview feature.

In the words of that great bastion of theological integrity, The Tonight Show: More To Come...

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