Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Because I am sick today (i.e, home), I am "tempted" to post an entry on my blog. The tendency is to post anything to get the blogging juices flowing. Writers' block is only a temporary condition wherein the author is exercising his better judgment at filtering miscellaneous, irrelevant, unwanted thoughts which may or may not edify his or her readers.

All right, I have no otherwise profound advice or wisdom to impart. But I have been blessed to have studied my Bible earlier, and to have engaged in a deeper study of Job 1:1 using my desktop program called e-Sword, a free (though donations are welcome) download of a few MBs, available at Many wonderful books and Bibles are there to download and install in e-Sword for free or purchase. I know there are more and very expensive suites out there (Logos, etc.) But for the Christian (or non-Christian) on a budget, this will do very well.

And now, I'd like to embark on a third paragraph, which may be, in this usually briefly-posted blog,  for your benefit. It is a link to a possibility-opening website creation service called Now the only reason I post this link is because I'm hoping you have a need for exploring other income streams besides the usual nine-to-five grind, which I am currently in (although it is six-to-two in my case!). 

Well, thanks for visiting. May the Lord prosper you. (Numbers 6:24-26)

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