Saturday, January 10, 2009


As a benefit to my readers, I am setting my posts (THOSE WHICH ACTUALLY SAY SOMETHING) to be automatically emailed to a select few whom I feel will not tar-and-feather me for having an aberrant opinion or faulty knowledge of their respective disciplines, into which I may step from time to time.

And so, with experimental enthusiasm, I am sending this post to my own inbox (Google Gmail) first for a review of the process.

Also, I am editing this post and republishing it to see if I will get a new email again. My guess is I will...

Result: no new email. This means the initial "publish post" will go out via email, but subsequent editing and republishing of the same post will not result in new emails. This is good news for when I'm not finished or satisfied with a post that has gone out already.

Well, happy blogging.

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