Thursday, March 19, 2015


After years of "perspectives on faith and life," I have decided to update my shifting paradigm "worldview window" blog subtitle to reflect an ever-changing database of current events and Christian growth (hopefully) in my lifetime. Sobering yet encouraging.

I hope this cosmetic, if not thematic, alteration will not detract from my myriad readers (both of you) wanting to visit this blog in the future. Perhaps some gems of truth posted here on Worldview Window will  positively impact your appreciation for the truth, no matter how ugly or unpleasant it may be.

The unspoken, if not understood, goal of blogging is to affect change (or is it "effect"). I try to identify a problem and/or a solution, be it with faith or practice, and put it before my readers for their reflection and contemplation. I try to inject humor or graphics whenever possible to compensate for the "dry bones" of textual content.

My hope is that more people will see things my way... Just kidding!!!

My hope is actually that more people will see what I see, not necessarily the way I see it. I am just a passerby pointing out to another passerby an interesting if not troubling/amusing/edifying bit of reality (such as it is) available to all who have a pulse and an Internet connection.

Belief in God is optional, though extremely preferable in light of eternity.

Thanks for visiting.
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