Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Ready to have your paradigm shifted... again? How about just shaken a bit? Here you go.

The Doctrine of Hell/Eternal Punishment

I recently discussed a refutation of eternal punishment with a friend. I am holding on to the "eternal" part until I know it is safe to let go of it! Fear of God, you know.

I also happened to find a podcast on Hairy Ticks about hell and our misunderstanding of it.

Oh, oh.

Later, I found the Hairy Ticks Variety Show discussing it with John Noe. HTVS is a conversational-format talk show from a preterist perspective. Here I heard a credible explanation of the Biblical doctrine of hell/gehenna/hades/lake of fire/tartaros which contradicts the traditional view-- which I am tenuously holding on to!

How I found this podcast escapes me, but here is where it all began for me: And here.

In the second linked article above, I found the last two paragraphs to be comforting and reassuring that the author was conscientiously avoiding heresy. Whew!

Listen/read at your own risk :)

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