Saturday, April 21, 2012

Witness - Obama Was a Foreign Student

Well, intrepid readers of my blog, I watched the video posted yesterday about Sheriff Joe Arpaio's news conference revealing the findings by his Cold Case Posse investigating a possible case of fraud and forgery raised by the Surprise (AZ) Tea Party's petition to Sheriff Joe.

"Riveting" comes to mind.

I saw in that video where Chief Investigator Mike Zullo tells the media present he is gravely concerned over the evidence of fraud and forgery by a private (?) individual who created "an electronic file" to mimic a paper document which would pass for a long-form birth certificate proving President Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility to run for the office of president of the United States of America.

Zullo finally mentions a video wherein a postal worker reveals his conversation with the parents of Bill Ayers (of domestic terrorist fame in the 1970's, I believe). Thomas Ayers introduced the postman to a young "foreign student" named, you guessed it, BHO!

It seems to me that a foreign student is not born in the country in which he or she is being educated. That would point to a citizenship originating somewhere else. So much for being qualified to run for president.

More fun on the way. Stay tuned.
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