Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I invite you to open this document and examine it closely by zooming in with Ctrl++ (or "View/Zoom/Zoom In" on the menu bar at the top).

  • Why do typewriter and print/stamp inconsistencies look manufactured?   The words all look uniform in darkness and clarity except for the occasional, strategically-placed faint/corrected character or smudged stroke. They look like they were created manually with graphic art software. 

  • Call me a conspiracy theorist (please).  But why does the certificate consist of a paper stock background with an image of a printed, bound leaf superimposed over it, instead of just one unified form?

  • Also, why is the certificate's background pattern, wicker basket cross-hatching, not bending with the image on the paper?  Hmmm?

Kind of makes me think there may be a case of fraud here.
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