Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today I had a pleasant surprise: I found out my former boss READS MY BLOG!!! Now I have three readers (myself, a good friend, and he)!

All kidding aside, I know there are also robot programs that comment on my blogposts with nonsense or advertisements. That's encouraging. Even "code" likes my blog!

So, why do I call this blog post "Vanishing Point?" Because I feel (and think) that there is a time when a blog's usefulness (marginal utility) diminishes to zero. That is, its relevance to the blog owner's life and concerns--be they political, religious, economic, social, and so on-- may change. Even though he or she may feel differently about it, the readership (thank God for them) may still enjoy and derive some intangible benefit from it. This is good, and is an encouragement to me the author as a point of inspiration to continue the endeavor.

Which brings me to my point: out of sheer thankfulness, I can now focus my efforts--such as they are (LOL)-- on a wider audience.  Fifty percent wider! Now that's progress.

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