Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Can I wax nostalgic for a minute or two?

I was just thinking about how nice it was to be "self-sufficient," when I had a full-time job with benefits. Then I am reminded of the restrictions on those perks which I enjoyed "under the whip" of my employer. No offense intended, just a comment on reality.

Now I am haunted by another reality: starting over (by God's grace). I am not feeling assured at all about my future, except for my salvation through Jesus Christ. My economic situation is taking a lot of my mental energy these days, and it can be taxing (pun intended).

While I enjoy the "freedom" of unemployment to a certain extent (sleeping in 'till 6am, eating lunch when I'm hungry-- not on a schedule, driving around looking at the world around me instead of being stuck inside of a building all day), that joy is tempered by financial considerations. Like I said, I am enjoying it while I can.

I do not want to be herded in with the "moochers" of society. I do have some decent prospects for employment. But, rightly so, I am feeling a twinge of guilt about not pursuing it as hard as I should.

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