Monday, May 24, 2010


The fun part about blogging is pretending that someone is actually interested in your postings. This is an incurable delusion which will be abated once a new blog entry is posted.

Now then, we must get down to brass tacks (as I am wont to say in this blog). Perhaps life experiences are what inspire me to reach higher, deeper, and longer for better blog posts. Something usually gets my creative juices flowing.

Well, enough pomposity. Have I said something here in this blog today that is profound and worth preserving in the annals of cyberhistory? Wait. Think about it...

For some strange reason, I am listening to Michael Savage's "The Savage Nation" radio program. Why? Because I feel an unusual burst of bellicose patriotism, where Mr. Savage has the temerity to speak his mind and, at the same time, inspire me to support his God-given, constitutionally-supported right to free speech.

I don't usually listen to The Savage Nation, but I hear a hopeful defiance in his broadcast, and a passionate plea for common sense. A return to fearless discourse is indeed refreshing.

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