Sunday, April 20, 2008

North Korean Stalinists

My God, after reading the horrific accounts of ultra-barbaric brutality by North Korean prison guards on their captives, many of whom did nothing more than act human, not criminal, I must blog about it.

I urge anyone reading this sentence to go to the U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea's website. This report will, if not shock you, make you very angry that God does not drop these sub-animals into hell right now!!! Pig-In-Chief Kim Jong-Il should be the first one on the spit.

I'm sorry. God doesn't use spits, because that would imply that at some point you're "done." In hell, you're never done.

You can read a biography of "him" (it) at Wikipedia. Thank God we can publically call him out on his unspeakable crimes against humanity. How long, O Lord, must we endure this political black-hole that is North Korea? How long, O God, before You avenge your people? Come, Lord Jesus.

There are so many ills in this world. But the ill I am addressing in this post is one I am most concerned with. I know Iran, Iraq, China, and a host of other repressive regimes exist today in spite of our best human-rights rhetoric, political activism, diplomacy and engagement efforts. But please, God, satisfy our desire for vengeance and justice just this once.

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