Friday, December 7, 2007


The definition of knowledge worker can be a nebulous one. I applaud the advent of personal computing and especially the Internet because they enable the average person to selectively educate and enlighten him- or herself. Of course, blogging can be an integral part of that process.

In this blog entry, we shall explore the intricacies, the ins and outs, of blogging and knowledge work. I do the latter and sometimes the former in my spare time because I have what most people call a "real" job. It takes a certain amount of attention and devotion to this task in order to produce anything worthy of someone else's perusal and pleasure.

Enjoyment is usually found with the "worker" rather than the observer. I say this because I generally work alone. That is, I am not in some office, hunting and pecking my way to a deadline. Instead, I am at home working at my own pace, saying what I want to whoever will read it.

This is freedom. Earlier today, I was studying online some books by Gary North and others on using his Deja Vu reader to view them. It was very enlightening, challenging to my views (however unformed they may be), and rewarding. I encourage anyone to go there ( if you feel the world is hopeless.

Well, dear reader, you and I have come to the end of another award-winning blog entry. I never know whether to call them "posts" or "entries," or for that matter, whether to use quotation marks or italics. In any event, BFN...;)
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