Monday, March 7, 2005

Forgive my inexperience at blogging, but I was trying to figure out how to post a new panel. I would not want the Blog Patrol to give me a ticket for illegally parking my blog for four months!

I just had to give credit to Hugh Hewitt for inspiring me and a lot of other people to blog and keep on blogging. After visiting his blog at , as well as others referenced in his articles online, I was inspired to venture out into the blogosphere once again to try and post something new. Here's hoping it works.

I encourage people I know-- and even people I don't know--to start blogging. One place to learn about it is a book by Mr. Hewitt called "Blog," which I hope to buy sometime. If nothing else, blogging is journalism in its most available form. Ah, technology!

Well, again, I am inspired to keep up on current events by visiting news blogs and their links to other blogs and websites. What a vast, unsearchable universe of content there is! I would comend it to you to explore the possibilities.

This concludes today's post. I hope and pray you know God in His saving, gracious fullness through His Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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