Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Okay, doc. It's like this. I'm unemployed, and the thought of getting another job scares me because of my last experience with a temp agency.

I will not say which agency yet. But Adecco (now I'll say it) lied (intentionally?) to the DES UI office to avoid paying my unemployment insurance claim.

Why? The world's largest employment agency cannot afford it? Did they lie about that, too? Maybe it was just in North America, or Europe, or...

In any event, doc, you gotta help me! I think life events and unusual pressures have exerted their stresses upon me long enough to crack me under the strain. My work ethic has taken a hit. My tolerance for stress has been minimized to practically nothing. All I can do now is watch YouTube (and blog about it ;), listen to worldview-shaking podcasts (and blog about them), and hide behind my self-righteous Facebook posts...

Well, you get the idea. I'm in a world of hurt. Hopefully, God will deliver me, as He always does, from the doldrums of unemployment, hopelessness, and financial ruin. I need confidence like never before.

It is such s shame I have to resort to self-indulgent forms of communication like blogging on my smartphone to get any kind of cry for help out there. But then, that is what self-indulgent whackoes like me have to do.

Or so I think. Have a nice day, and thanks for visiting.

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