Saturday, November 15, 2014


My home office
Well, in order to ensure that no cyberwebs have encroached upon my seldom-posted-on "weblog," (remember that old term, along with "information superhighway?"), I shall attempt to compose here a brief discourse, as it were, dealing with the subject of compelling prose.

Ha! Do you suppose I am eminently qualified to wax eloquent about the aforementioned topic? Indeed, you would be premature in your prejudice against me. For, to be premature in one's judgment is to be, in fact, prejudiced. But I digress, as usual.

I must interject at this juncture with a juxtaposition of just plain appreciation for the Peace Revolution podcast. Please see my previous post, "A Podcast To End All Wars. But I digress, again!

How now is your assessment of my treatment of the topic of compelling prose? Compelling? I trow not. (definition :) I am like the proverbial amateur connoisseur who says confidently, "I know good _______ when I see it!" Perhaps you see it. Perhaps not.

Part of writing a decent blog post is keeping your skills sharp. Even if this post today goes nowhere topically, at least I got some valuable practice in! But sometimes the inspiration from a previous post fails to carry me to completion of another "home run." Nevertheless, I try.

By the way, that was a subtle hint for you to feel free to visit my last post, because I know it is quite possibly far more interesting (compelling?) than this one. But I digress, for the last time.

Thank you for your patronage. Please come back to visit again. 
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