Friday, November 14, 2014

For those who subscribe, literally or figuratively, to a conspiratorial view of history, let me post this latest find in the treasure trove of Internet (and elsewhere) resources at our disposal. We who care deeply about this crazy, evil world we live in, until Jesus takes us home, will find comfort in learning truth wherever it is found regarding historically significant events which affect peace and humanity.
I am listening to this podcast right now, which serves as a springboard for further research among a myriad, nay, a constellation, of podcasts and other media which tell the stories behind life-changing events in our time and in previous generations. 

Time restricts me from providing you all the YouTube videos and podcasts I have listened to and watched before finally reaching  this one. But here is one:

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Richard Grove for his bravery in publishing his life experiences with, or should I say, against the "status quo." This "New World Order" will stop at nothing diabolical to achieve its ends.

Please enjoy your journey through history as told by those who care about you and me, and who have and will risk their lives doing that. Thank God.

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